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45mm Mesh Aviary Netting - Made To Order

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Huck Nets aviary netting is installed at many attractions across the UK and is the number one choice for commercial aviaries, zoos and domestic aviaries. 

The benefits of using our high tenacity UV resistant aviary netting include:

  • Hard-wearing - The 45mm mesh is very strong and guarantees superior shock absorption vs knotted comparisons
  • Easy to install - The shape of the net makes it much easier to install them. All of our aviary nets are cut on the square.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Improved weaving technology improves the nets' appearance, which is perfect for commercial locations.
  • Precise mesh size - The woven mesh has an interlocking design and cannot move, ensuring birds and other animals are kept safe and secure.
  • Very little abrasion/extremely chafe-resistant - Doing away with knots produces high chafe-resistance and ensures that only slight abrasion occurs where the netting mesh interconnects.
  • This aviary netting is UV stabilised and rot proof, manufactured in the UK to any size required and comes complete with overlocked edges all round
Article number
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Green (01)
White (02)
Blue (04)
Yellow (05)
Black (06)
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Hemp (08)
Ships in approx.
15-20 days