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Light projector nets and light projectors

Product overview Light Projection Nets
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Light projection nets are used for displays in many different types of situations including at award events, in museums and in concert venues. They can be used to great effect with a projector to which the light projection nets can be attached. The projector will light up the nets in a range of different colours and with different effects creating stunning light shows or subtle backgrounds to concerts, events or displays. 


Light projection nets come in a range of different sizes to suit every type of light netting installation and venue. Light nets are made from PMMA material and have a mesh size of 70mm. Light projection nets come with a lighting connection on one side that you can attach to the light projector. A projector can be used to supply two light nets simultaneously.  


As well as the light projection nets we also supply the light projector used to light them up. These come in two different types, light projectors for light surroundings and light projectors for dark surroundings. The projector for light surroundings comes with a 150V metal halide lamp and is equipped with a 6 dichroic colour filter. The colour series that it can produce is blue, cyan, green, white, red, yellow and magenta.  


The projector for dark surroundings has a halogen illumination that is 12V/100W. It weighs 3kg and has a powerful built in fan to ensure it doesn’t overheat and works to optimum efficiency. This projector has halogen DFF colour screens and comes with a 5 dichroic colour filter. The colour series it can produce in blue, green, yellow, red, white and magenta.  


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