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100mm Mesh Knotless Polypropylene Netting - 2m x 5m

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Article number: 50400
Ships in approx. 1-5 days

Description Properties
Article number: 50400
Available colours: Green (01)
Ships in approx. 1-5 days

100mm Mesh Knotless Polypropylene Netting - 2m x 5m

This DIY polypropylene net is suitable for a range of applications and is made from the same high-quality netting as our sports and industrial netting. It comes pre-packaged and pre-cut at 2m x 5m. Our DIY netting is very easy to install making is suitable for domestic and commercial projects.

The size of the packaging: approx. 40 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm and the material is a resealable PE pocket with a coat hanger handle at the top


  • One net 2m x 5m in dark green
  • One cover sheet/contents page
  • On the back, a sheet of cardboard covered with net (for a better view of the mesh size)

Technical Specs

  • 3mm diameter
  • High tenacity polypropylene, knotless
  • 100mm mesh
  • "Do-it-yourself" net 
  • Net size: 2 x 5 m
  • Net colour: dark green