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Sandpit Cover/Awning - Made To Order

£ 15.00 * GBP 18.00 * incl. VAT: £ 18.00 * inc. small size surcharge of: £ 10.00 (200%)

Article number: ST-720

Description Properties
Article number: ST-720
Available colours: Light green (010)
Dark green (015)
Orange (03)
Blue (04)
Red (07)
Terracotta (76)

Sandpit Cover/Awning - Made To Order

Our sandpit covers are made from high-quality close mesh materials and provide a considerable amount of protection for sandpits and other raised areas that require covering. 

Each cover comes with a reinforced edge and fixed eyelets every 0.5m. When used with a bungee, the eyelets ensure that the cover can be attached at regular intervals to prevent rain, debris and animals from getting under the cover when in place.

We manufacture these sandpit covers in our factory and can make them to any size and shape as required. Please use our online calculator to generate an instant quote.

Technical Specs

  • Water-permeable and breathable plastic fabric, UV-proof
  • with reinforced edges and shade eyelets (0.5 m distance between each)