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Black Forest combi Birds Nest Tower

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Article number: 4652-23

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Article number: 4652-23
equipment height: 6.90 m
space requirement: 12.10 x 15.05 m
min. fall protection: 138.00 m²
safety zone: 14.85 x 12.10 m
height of fall: 3.00 m
Concrete necessary m³: 6.00 m³
Number of user: 107
Note: This article is a bulky good

Our successful “Black Forest” bird nest tower is totally awesome! At almost 7 metres high, it’s now also available in a double version! The Black Forest combination is a fantastic structure – the chimney net, slides and tubes offer countless opportunities for playing and climbing. It becomes especially exciting high up where a 5-metre long tunnel-shaped net at a height of around 6m serves as a connecting element.