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Cheops Combination, Midi

Article number
Shipping cost

2 steel posts (Ø 160 mm), hot-dip galvanised, length 5.00 m, with aluminium cap (powdercoatedin red)

2 net surfaces

1 crossing bridge

8 swing ladders with plastic rungs

8 climbing ropes

4 horizontal nets(at heights of 1.40 m and 3.10 m)

32 turnbuckles M16, galvanised

Ropes and nets made of Hercules rope (Ø 16 mm, 6-strand, with steel core)

Article number
equipment height
4.20 m
space requirement
19.00 x 8.00 m
safety zone
20.60 x 9.60 m
min. fall protection
152.00 m²
height of fall
1.50 m
Concrete necessary m³
13.00 m³
Number of user