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Bird‘s Nest Tree

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Bird‘s nest tree playground equipment stands over 6m tall with 4 birds nests all connected by ropes, ladders and chimneys  


  • Steel mast (Ø 193.70 mm), hot-dip galvanised, length 6.20m

  • Steel Crossbeams are avaliable on Request
  • High-quality varnished glulam as cross pieces

  • 4 original HUCK Bird‘s Nests® with connecting ladders

  • 2 climbing nets

  • 5 climbing ropes

  • 2 climbing chimneys

  • Various loop ropes and hanging ropes

  • Ropes and nets made of Hercules rope (Ø 16 mm, 6-strand, with steel core)

You can choose different colour combinations or a single-colour design for this item. Galvanised steel crossbeams are also available on request (for an additional cost).