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Leisure, Games & Sports Netting

Young people need the opportunity to put their strengths to the test in free play and to demonstrate their skills. The challenges of sport also help children and youngsters to develop a sense of team spirit. HUCK‘s range of sports and recreation equipment offers the right materials to suit any requirement. Whether for the playground or sports field, we can give you all the advice you need! 

One type of sports and leisure netting that we offer for use in areas that are not always monitored are anti-vandalism safety nets. These nets are made from an incredibly strong type of netting called Mahulan netting. This Mahulan knotless netting has a strong steel core and is coated with polypropylene. It is flame retardant and comes in a fixed width of 4m.  

Football area goals are another type of anti-vandalism product that we offer in this section. We do have football goal nets that are made from the same material as our Mahulan safety nets. We also have goals that are much more rigid that are manufactured using polypropylene that has a steel core. This reinforced textile net is suitable for football goals and handball goals and conforms to DIN EN 749.   

Another type of football goal that we sell is the ‘Goalie Slam Goal’. This is made from our famous Hercules rope. Hercules rope has a steel core that is made up from 6 strands before being coated in polyester. These 6 strands are made up of 7 individual strands which gives the net its core strength. Continuing with our anti-vandalism nets we also offer volleyball nets and basketball nets. 

Finally, in this section you will find pavilion awning nets. These are the perfect solution for covering different areas of parks like sand pits and pools. They are easy to install by attaching them to wooden or steel posts.