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Youth Play Equipment

Want to encourage imagination and fine motor skills? HUCK youth play equipment offers adventure to children between 4 and 6 years of age, where they enjoy intensive activity. Our equipment can be enlarged, combined and reconfigured with various extensions to create bespoke outdoor playgrounds and play areas. 

Among the options you can choose to create bespoke youth playground equipment are colour, shape, climbing add-ons (e.g. climbing nets, net ramps, rope ladders or rubber flooring) and other configuration options (e.g. slides, swings or climbing chimneys). We know no bounds to getting pleasure from play and are happy to create to your specifications 

The Net See-Saw is a very popular choice and a brand-new addition to the Huck play range. This new model comes with a full net roof made from steel core Hercules rope. The multi-purpose nature means that it can also be used as a crawl tunnel, a net bed or a rest place that is fully enclosed by sturdy netting. 

Another piece of equipment that provides a lot of fun and adventure is the Play Ship. This piece of youth outdoor play equipment has 12 unique elements including 1 sail net, 1 rung ladder with a crossbeam, 1 hammock and 1 double rope ladder. It’s a very versatile and durable piece of equipment that has steel core Hercules rope climbing nets in all directions. To secure it in place Douglas fir posts are provided.  

If you would like to speak to a member of our expert play team then please do get in touch. They can be reached in 01308 425100. We also provide a full installation service through our installation divisions. This can be added to your quote before placing an order. If you are looking for other outdoor play equipment please visit our main playground equipment category page.