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Metal Football Goal Posts

Full size metal football goals are used in professional football matches and by senior teams across the world. The official measurements of a full size metal football goal are 24’ x 8’. This measurement is taken between the uprights and between the crossbar and the pitch. This is the regulation size for FA 11-a side football matches. 

Our senior metal football goals come in either aluminium or steel. Each goal has a different post diameter to suit the requirements of different clubs and pitches. We also supply freestanding, socketed and self-weighted metal full size football goals. 

Socketed football goals are fixed into the ground and are best used on pitches where the goals remain up all season. Freestanding and self-weighted metal football goals can be moved when needed and work best for academies, schools and training pitches. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about which you feel is best for you. 

As well as full size football goals we have youth football goals, 5-a-side football goals and 9vs9 football goals. These are smaller sized goals with the youth football goals measuring 21’ x 7’. They are made to the same high standard as our full size football goals.  

5-a-side football goals have a different ratio to that of standard football goals. They tend to be much shorter but also much wider. Our full size 5-a-side football goals measure 16’ x 4’. On the other hand, 9vs9 goals have a similar look to a full size football goal. They measure 16’ x 7’ which is the recommended size for 9vs9 games.  

In addition to our football goals we also stock a full range of football goal nets. These range from full size football nets to 5-a-side football nets. We can manufacture them in your team colours from a range of different netting options.