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Metal Football Goals

Huck Nets UK is a leading supplier of metal football goals to football teams, academies and schools across the UK. Our extensive and unique range includes aluminium and steel football goals in a mix of styles and sizes. We are proud to have been supplying the safest and the best football goals on the market for nearly 25 years.

Our best value steel socketed football goals start from just £648 per pair. These continental style, full-size football goals are perfect for playing fields and schools where goals are installed all season. We also offer straight back, professional box-style goals and goals with folding ground frames for use in stadiums and grounds with limited space behind the goal. 

In addition to our full-size football goals, we stock metal football goals in youth, 9 a side and 5 a side sizes. These are available in portable and fixed variations and are manufactured from steel and aluminium.

Choosing The Best Football Goals

When it comes to choosing the best football goals there are a few things you need to think about. Will the goals stay up all season or be removed after each game? What style of goal do you need? Will they be used indoors or outdoors? 

If your football goals are left up for the whole season it’s best to choose socketed goalposts. These are installed by dropping the uprights into the ground sockets which makes them incredibly safe and secure. Socketed football goals are perfect for parks and unattended public spaces.

The style of goal is important too as this determines which football goal nets to use. Continental, straight back and box style are the main styles. Continental football goals have an elbow creating a short roof when the net is installed. Straight back goals don’t have this so create a simple triangle shape. Box style goals have hanging goal net supports at the back to create the box style net. 

Finally, if you plan to use goals indoors and outdoors then consider portable football goals and folding football goals. These are the best football goals to use because they are lightweight and can be moved easily. They are also easy to store. Usually, these goals are freestanding and made from aluminium.


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