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Bird Deterrents

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Bird Deterrents & Bird Repellents

Bird deterrents like bird netting and bird spikes are two of the best bird deterrents for preventing birds from entering and nesting in unwanted areas.

Netting is generally considered the best bird deterrent as it's versatile and can be used almost anywhere to stop pest birds from causing damage and health and safety issues from bird droppings.

Our website has a full range of bird netting, which can be made to any size and purchased online.

Choosing The Best Bird Deterrents

The best bird deterrents will depend on the bird species and bird problem you are trying to solve. For example, bird deterrent spikes are the go-to solution for preventing nesting birds from gaining access to roofs and ledges.

Bird deterrent spikes are a popular bird repellent for office blocks, car parks, town centres, and areas where bird droppings might cause damage or health issues.

Alternatively, bird netting is another highly effective bird deterrent product for preventing birds from accessing a large or open area. Bird netting prevents most birds from accessing areas like rafters, solar panels and hidden areas that are prime for nesting birds.

Bird netting can also be used to cover open areas between roofs, for example, above a pub garden or open public area.

Another option to deter birds from nesting and perching on ledges is bird wire and post systems. These solutions can be installed along ledges and cannot be seen from ground level.

They are particularly well suited to areas that require discreet bird deterrents.

Scaring birds with bird deterrent spray, visual deterrents and bird tape are other types of bird deterrent options.

Although these work well to deter birds in the first instance, they might not prevent birds from causing damage in the long term, whereas bird deterrent spikes and bird netting are better long-term solutions and can be left in place as a permanent bird deterrent solution.

Do Bird Deterrents Harm Birds?

The short answer is no, Huck Nets bird deterrents do not harm birds and are not designed for this purpose. Bird deterrents like bird repellent spray and bird gel are good examples of bird control products that will deter birds without causing harm or distress to pest birds.

Similarly, using netting to stop pest bird damage is the best bird deterrent for preventing small birds and large birds from roosting and causing damage in the first instance. Before installing bird deterrent netting, always check that there are no nesting birds in the area and that you're not trapping those pesky birds in.

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, so if you find any, pause installation until you have sought further advice from a pest control expert.

Bird spikes are designed to stop birds from perching and landing on a specific area and not to cause harm. They are simply an effective solution that keeps birds away, making them one of the best bird deterrents.

Best Bird Deterrent Options

If you need any help choosing the best bird deterrent options for your home or business, give our expert bird control team a call on 01460 425 100. We'll assess your bird problem and advise on the best bird deterrents to use based on our years of industry experience.

Whether you need bird netting, bird spikes, or a more discreet solution Huck Nets has a full range of bird deterrents to choose from to help solve problems with pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls and other birds.


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Bird Netting

Shop a huge range of top-quality, UV-resistant bird netting suitable for home and commercial use. Various mesh sizes and strengths in made-to-order sizes to provide effective protection against birds. Order online now!   Read more

Fire Treated Bird Netting

Fire treated bird netting can be used on buildings and is commonly used to comply to regulatory factors. It's also suitable for use in domestic settings. Read more

bird deterrent spikes

Bird Deterrent Spikes & Gels

Shop professional bird deterrent spikes and gels online at Huck Nets and keep pest birds like pigeons and gulls at bay. Perfect for installation on fences, roofs, and ledges, prevent unwanted perching and nesting, ensuring your property stays clean and bird-free today!   Read more

Bird Posts & Wire

Bird Posts & Wire

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Bird-Proofing Solutions for Solar Panels

Protect your solar investment today and shop our highly effective range of solar panel bird-proofing solutions. Spend £500 or more for free UK next-day delivery. Ideal for homes and businesses alike, it prevents pigeons and other birds from nesting under your solar panels, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency. Shop the range below!   Read more

Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded Mesh Fence

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Bird Netting Fixings

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Protective Equipment

PPC Protective Equipment & Cleaning Products

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