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Bird Control

Bird proofing products are a very effective way to solve many of the problems associated with pest bird species. Bird proofing can be done in many ways using bird netting, anti-bird spikes and bird wire. The most common species that people have problems with are pigeons, gulls and sparrows. This is true both in domestic and commercial settings. As experts in the field of bird control we have bird proofing solutions suitable for all pest species.   

Bird netting is the most popular and the most effective form of bird proofing. Anti bird netting can be purchased in a range of different mesh sizes to suit different species of bird.   

Generally, bird proofing against gulls requires a 75-100mm mesh. For an effective pigeon deterrent you can use a bird netting with a 50mm mesh. Sparrow and starling bird netting is sold in 19mm-28mm mesh sizes. Don’t forget that when installing netting you will also need steel wire and bird net fixings.   

For situations where bird netting is not a suitable bird proofing option, alternative products can be used to suit the specific challenge. Bird spike systems are very common and are best used on ledges and roofs. Bird spikes are made from marine grade stainless steel and come with plastic bases for easy installation. This can be done using an eco-friendly adhesive that dries in minutes.   

Much like bird netting, bird spikes come in different sizes for different pest bird species. Longer bird spikes are best used for gulls and shorter spikes are effective as a pigeon deterrent and for smaller birds.    

In addition to anti bird netting and bird spike systems bird wire can be used in conjuntion with these bird proofing products. Bird wire and posts are most effective when they are used on ledges and ridges. Post and wire systems are a discrete bird proofing method. The wire and posts are available in a range of sizes and wire thicknesses. Should you require any help choosing the right bird proofing solution please do get in touch.    

bird netting

Bird Netting & Anti Bird Netting

Bird netting is often used on buildings and in gardens to protect them against damage from nesting and pest birds like pigeons. Different mesh sizes and strengths protect against different bird species.  

Fire Treated Bird Netting

Fire treated bird netting can be used on buildings and is commonly used to comply to regulatory factors. It's also suitable for use in domestic settings.

bird deterrent spikes

Bird Deterrent Spikes

Bird deterrent spikes are an effective deterrent against larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls and can be installed on fences, rooves and ledges to stop birds perching and nesting in unwanted areas.

bird wire and posts

Bird Wire & Posts

Post and wire bird deterrent systems are used to stop birds perching on ledges and parapets. One of the main advantages is that post and wire systems are very discreet.

Bird Proofing - Solar Panels

Solar panel bird proofing is an effective bird deterrent method to keep birds such as pigeons from getting underneath solar panels and an essential for houses or businesses with solar panels.  

Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded Mesh Fencing & Rolls

Weld mesh fencing is often used in industrial environments for things like racking and storage. It can also be used in the garden for planting and protecting against pests.  

bird netting installation fixings

Bird Netting Fixings

As well as our range of bird proofing products including bird netting, bird spikes and solar panel bird proofing we provide the relevant bird netting fixings to install these bird proofing systems.

Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment & Cleaning Products

Our range of PPE equipment covers PPE clothing and PPE cleaning and preparation which is essential when working on bird prevention projects to maintain health and safety.