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Bird Control

Welcome to Huck Bird Control Systems, here you will find the Huck range of Bird control nets and equipment. Whatever bird is the problem Huck have a solution.

Bird Nets are the most successful way of protecting areas for Bird pest problems but we also supply a range of Spikes, wires and other bird proofing products


close up of bird net


Installing a bird net is based on installing a wire perimeter around the area to be proofed and then attaching the net to the wire. Tofix a straining wire, main fixings must first be installed every 10m and wherever the wire will change direction. Intermediate fixingsshould be installed at appropriate intervals for the bird species being proofed against. Start a new run of wire fromeach main fixing – the wire is to be looped through the eye of the main fixing at one end and secured in place using 2 ferrules or2 wire rope grips. At the other end, the wire should be looped through the eye of a hook/eye barrel strainer. The hook end of thestrainer should then be attached to the eye of the main fixing and the wire tensioned accordingly. Tensioned cross-wires may berequired for runs over 10m. To start fitting the net, first, use a cable tie to attach the corner of the net to a corner fixing. From thereevery mesh should be hog ringed to the wire, ensuring the net is tight and square

Net Fixings

High Quality Bird netting fixings are just as important as the net to get an effective installation

Spike Systems

316 Marine grade stainless steel and plastic bird control spikes

Post And Wire Systems

A more discrete method of bird proofing ledges and ridges

50mm Black Pigeon netting - Made to order

Pigeon Nets

12/6 Black knotted 50mm (2") Bird Netting To protect against Pigeons and similar birds Made to any size

Barrel Strainers M8 (10pk)


Barrel Strainers M8 (10pk)

5m Pack Of ProPoint 4 With Adhesive

Spike Systems

5m Pack Of ProPoint 4 With Adhesive.