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Bird Control

Bird deterrent and bird proofing products are now available to buy online through our Huck Nets website. Huck Nets have been providing a number of bird deterrent products for many years and are experts when it comes to advising on the best bird control solutions. We help our customers with all types of bird proofing projects. We can help you to find a pigeon deterrent, starling control, sparrow control and gull control.   

Our bird control department contains a range of bird control netting. Bird netting tends to be the most effective form of bird proofing. We stock anti bird netting in a range of different mesh sizes to suit every type of pest. We can also cut bird netting to specific shapes and sizes.   

Generally, for gull control you can use a 75-100mm mesh. For a pigeon deterrent you can use a 50mm mesh. Sparrow and starling bird netting is sold in 19mm-28mm mesh sizes. Don’t forget to include steel wire and bird net fixings when placing an order online.   

For situations where bird netting is not suitable as a bird proofing option, we have alternative products that can be used instead. Our fantastic range of bird spike systems are made from marine grade stainless steel and come with plastic bases. They are easy to install using an eco-friendly adhesive.   

Again, like the bird netting our bird spike systems come in a range of sizes to perfectly suit the pest you are trying to control. Longer spikes are best used for gulls and shorter spikes are effective as a pigeon deterrent and for smaller birds.    

In addition to anti bird netting and bird spike systems we can supply a number of post and wire systems. These are most effective when they are used on ledges and ridges. Post and wire systems are a more discrete bird deterrent method and are available in a range of sizes and wire thicknesses.    

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Bird Netting

Huck bird controls range of bird netting products, including 19mm Sparrow netting, 28mm Starling netting, 50mm mesh Pigeon netting and Gull netting

Bird Netting Fixings

High Quality Bird netting fixings are just as important as the net to get an effective installation

Bird Deterrent Spikes

316 Marine grade stainless steel and plastic bird control spikes

Post & Wire Bird Deterrent

A more discrete method of bird proofing ledges and ridges

50mm Black Pigeon netting - Made to order

Pigeon Nets

12/6 Black knotted 50mm (2") Bird Netting To protect against Pigeons and similar birds Made to any size

Barrel Strainers M8 (10pk)


Barrel Strainers M8 (10pk)