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Bird Netting

Here at Huck Nets, we sell a range of bird netting and bird proofing solutions. We stock over 25 types of bird-proof netting that protect buildings, gardens and homes from unwanted bird activity. All of our bird netting is cut to order so you can buy the exact amount of netting you need with no wastage.

Bird netting comes in a range of styles and mesh sizes that protect against different species. Pigeon netting typically has a 20mm mesh and will prevent most small birds from getting through the netting.

If you plan to use bird-proof netting for gulls and larger species, you'll need a larger 100mm mesh size. This is because gulls can comfortably land and walk on bird netting with smaller mesh sizes. 

To install bird netting you'll need a range of bird netting fixings including eye-hooks and tensioning wire. You can find these products and more in our bird netting fixings category.

Should you need more help with buying bird netting take a look at our bird netting buying guide.