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Plastic Bird Netting

Discover our wide selection of plastic bird netting to safeguard your crops and buildings. Ideal for both commercial and domestic gardens, aviaries and other structures, offering an easy and effective solution for protecting against feathered pests.

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Product overview Plastic Bird Netting

Plastic Netting (28mm Mesh)

Article number PLASBN2072
Colour Black
mesh size 28 mm
Size Made to order
Unit Price per m²
£ 1.16

Plastic Netting (50mm Mesh)

Article number PLASBN2074
Unit Price per m²
£ 0.54

Plastic Netting (75mm Mesh)

Article number PLASBN2075
Unit Price per m²
£ 0.44

Plastic Game Bird Netting 18mm - 2m Wide

Article number P-BX/DC WJ/SIDE
Unit Price per meter
£ 3.50
out of

Best Plastic Bird Netting to Protect Your Crops

Plastic bird netting is the perfect addition to your vegetable patch. Safeguard your plants and maintain their quality effortlessly with Huck Nets' user-friendly netting.

Huck Nets plastic bird netting is suitable for commercial and domestic gardens, our plastic bird netting ensures protection for your plants and crops, no matter where your garden grows.

We manufacture our nets in our Bridport factory using high-quality, weather-resistant materials, ensuring a long lifespan. You can enjoy the benefits of protecting your crops and plants year after year!

It’s also easy to install using our bird net fixings, making it a hassle-free option for gardeners of any level.


Preserving Your Vegetables

As a seasoned gardener, you know that crops are susceptible to attacks from birds, especially just after the sowing season. Thankfully, our plastic bird netting provides a simple and high-quality solution to this issue.

Simply stretch our heavy-duty bird netting over your protective posts and frames to provide adequate protection from common pests such as pigeons, seagulls, and blackbirds.


Netting for Specific Pests

We sell a range of anti-bird netting that's suited to specific types of birds to solve specific issues you're having.

If you need to protect your crops from common garden birds like pigeons, our 50mm Knotless Pigeon Netting is ideal. The high-tenacity polypropylene material is lightweight and knotted for extra strength to keep birds from causing damage to your crops.

For larger pests, like seagulls, our 75mm Seagull Netting can save your crops. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, this netting is chemically inert, rot-proof and UV-stabilised to extend its lifespan and prevent weakening and breakage.

Choose from a range of netting sizes, with bespoke options also available.

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How Long Does Your Plastic Bird Netting Last?

Our plastic bird netting is crafted with durability in mind, utilising UV-stabilised, rot-proof polypropylene. It typically lasts for several years under normal garden conditions, offering long-term protection for your crops.

What's the Largest Mesh Size to Protect Against Birds?

The largest mesh size effective for bird protection is typically 75mm mesh, which safeguards against larger birds such as seagulls. However, a smaller mesh of 20mm will provide effective protection against smaller birds.

Can I Order a Bespoke Plastic Net Size?

Yes, our plastic bird nets are made-to-order, so you can request a specific size to fit your garden or crop area. Simply input your desired dimensions when placing your order, and we'll customise the net to fit perfectly.

Where Can I Use the Plastic Bird Net?

Our bird nets are very versatile and can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. They are commonly used in gardens, orchards, on rooftops, and even on sports fields to protect against bird damage.