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Driving range netting it a vital safety requirement for any driving range as it protects people, property and the rest of your course or complex from wayward balls. Our driving range netting comes in two main sizes, 20mm mesh and 25mm mesh. It can also be purchased as a mid-weight or heavyweight netting solution.   

As well as netting we can also supply other equipment for your driving range. Driving range mats often need to be replaced as they are in almost constant use. We have both fairway mats and regular golf mats in our store in various different sizes. 

For groundskeepers we stock a good selection of golf ground equipment. Included in the range are rakes, divot repair tools and water removers. We also have 1 and 2 bay practice nets that can be installed by our team. If you just need a replacement then we can make a replacement net to fit your golf bay frame. Our baffle nets are made from archery grade material and can withstand heavy use at high force.  

As well as providing an extensive range of high-quality golf nets, driving range mats and golf club equipment we offer a golf netting installation service. This can be used if you need help installing driving range netting or golf bays at your club or complex. You can speak to a member of our team on 01308 425100 to discuss your requirements in more detail and to get a quote. 

Huck Nets are a trusted supplier of high-quality golf equipment to many golf clubs across the UK. We are a leading sports netting manufacturer and can provide golf nets for every area of your course and driving range. Included in our golf category is golf driving range netting, golf practice nets and ground equipment for grounds keepers and maintenance staff.