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Golf Baffle Nets

Our golf baffle nets are made from heavy-duty archery-grade material that absorbs even the most powerful golf ball shots. Standard sizes and made-to-order options available.


Product overview Golf Baffle Nets
golfer hitting ball into golf baffle net

Heavy-Duty Golf Baffle Net - Made To Order

Article number ARBAS
Unit Price per m²
£ 15.21

Archery Grade Golf Baffle Net - 3m x 3m

Article number ARBA
Unit price
£ 136.89
golf baffle net for projectors

Golf Projection Screens - Archery Grade Indoor Golf Netting

Article number ARCH-02PR
Unit Price per m²
£ 17.25
green and white archery netting

Lightweight archery netting/golf baffle nets

Article number GB2071
Unit Price per m²
£ 11.00

Net repair kits for golf nets

Article number REP-200-020
Unit price
£ 30.00
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Archery-Grade Golf Baffle Nets

Huck's golf baffle nets are excellent for installing as a second high-impact layer in practice cages outdoors and indoors.


They create an added protective barrier around the golf cage, absorbing the toughest shots and protecting people, property and other equipment from any stray balls. We recommend installing the baffle nets with a big of sag and not hung taught for the most effective absorption.


We use a high-tenacity polypropylene that's also UV, rot and weather-proof, making it great for using outdoors for long periods of time.


Choose from our standard 3m x 3m impact screens, or our made-to-order option if you're after a more bespoke solution. If you require something more specific, please get in touch with our sales team, who will be more than happy to discuss your request.


Best Golf Simulator Screens

We also manufacture and supply golf simulator screens for golf simulator software using the same archery-grade material as our baffle nets.


Golf simulators are great for practising your swing, and our golf simulator screens ensure the image quality is of the highest quality. Plus, the area you're using will remain safe from real golf balls with our high-tenacity polypropylene screen material.


These golf screens are available to purchase in custom sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your golf simulator.


Order High-Quality Golf Impact Screens Online Today

Order a golf impact screen from Huck Nets today for your gold club or other sports facility.


Our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions you have about our products and provide expert advice when needed, so feel free to get in touch.




What are Golf Baffle Nets Used For?

Golf baffle nets are used in gold cages and bays to provide an extra layer of protection from errant golf balls. The high-tenacity polypropylene material is designed to withstand the impact of golf shots, keeping your facility and area safe from real golf balls.

Do Your Golf Impact Screens Come With Fixings?

Our golf impact screens are fitted with brass eyelets along the top of the fabric. The fixings do not come with the nets, but they are available to purchase separately, or you can hook them onto the cage or bay.

What Material is Golf Baffle Netting Made From?

Huck Nets baffle netting is made from archery-grade polypropylene. It's rot, UV and weather-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can Golf Simulator Screens Be Used With Real Golf Balls?

Yes, golf simulator screens are used with real golf balls. Our simulator screens are made using the same material as our baffle nets, so they're great at absorbing the impact of shots.