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Tiger-T Golf Pracitce Mat - 2m x 1.5m

Article number TT-215
Unit price
£ 275.50
golf fairway mat

Golf Winter Fairway Mat - 20cm x 40cm

Article number GFM-3040
Unit price
£ 25.00
Golf fairway mat

Golf fairway mat with tee holder

Article number GFMT-3040
Unit price
£ 30.00
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Practice Golf Mats

Golf mats are an essential piece of equipment for golf clubs and driving ranges. We sell three fantastic golf mat products that have been chosen due to their high quality and durability, features that are highly valued by golf clubs around the country. 

Our practice golf mats are made using tough artificial nylon grass and feature an innovative cushion system which absorbs the shock from club heads. This gives the user a better experience, reduces the chance of injury and ensures these practice golf mats can be used again and again. 

These practice mats can be used for the driving range and on golf cages. They are also suitable for use with home-made golf practice set-ups, especially those built on concrete or gravelled surfaces.

Winter Golf Mats

We also stock a County Golf Fairway Mat which is ideal for use when winter fairway rules apply. This is a premium quality practice mat and your members are sure to notice the difference! 

It comes with a dense 12mm grass playing surface to provide a realistic fairway feel and a heavy-duty rubber frame. This helps to reduce damage to the grass underneath the winter golf mat and stops the mat from moving as the player takes their shot.