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Rope Netting Manufacturer UK

Huck Nets are one of the best-known netting manufacturers in the UK. We supply a large range of netting solutions in various mesh sizes to businesses and consumers all over the world. Huck Nets started in 1996 and has grown to become the UK's largest netting manufacturer, supplier and installer. All of our rope netting can be purchased through our website online, with many items kept in stock.

Rope Netting Manufacturer

We manufacture heavy-duty netting that can be used for a range of purposes in the home and garden. Our nets are UV stabilised and are safe for domestic use around pets and small children. Cat netting and driveway safety netting are two of our most popular netting solutions.

Rope Netting Solutions

Despite being best known for our sports netting, safety netting and industrial netting, we also manufacture a range of other netting across many other categories.  

Our multi-purpose netting is a great all-around solution. The heavy-duty construction makes it a tough netting solution for use indoors or outdoors in the garden or on buildings.

More specifically, our garden netting category contains everything you might need, including aviary netting, pond netting, and decking netting and rope. We can also provide garden netting for fruit cages and insect netting for crops. 

If you're looking for netting to add style and colour to your garden, we highly recommend looking at our heavy-duty decking netting available in 8 different colours. These nets can be cut to size and are perfect for protecting pets and small children from falling down steps or from ledges. Our decking netting is fully weatherproof and can be left up all year round.

Close mesh sheets are another popular item and can be used in a range of different scenarios. On building sites, debris netting is commonly used on scaffolding to protect workers, the public and property from harm and damage. Heavier and flame-retardant sheets of 320g/m2 close mesh are also available. These may be used as screens or to protect from heavier falling items. 

Rope & Twine

All of our heavy-duty nets can be supplied with rope and twine integrated into the net. Rope can also be purchased separately on coils or by the metre.

Rope is best used in conjunction with safety netting and for bigger jobs where strength and durability are required. We sell polypropylene rope and polysteel rope by the coil which is always in stock on our website.

Twine is much thinner and can be used for smaller projects and in the garden. Our twine is available in a range of different colours and thicknesses and is sold by the spool or in 100m lengths.   

Bridport's Netting Manufacturer

Bridport is commonly associated with being one of the first places in the country to manufacture rope. Although parts of the process have modernised, we still sell a mixture of different rope and twine. 

If you have any questions about choosing the correct type of garden netting, close mesh or rope, please give us a call on 01308 425100. Our team are more than happy to advise on the best netting to suit your project.

knotless netting

Multi-Purpose Netting

We supply a variety of different mesh sizes and twine thicknesses to suit whatever you need the net to do.

heavy duty garden netting

Garden Netting & Rope

We manufacture and supply a wide range of garden netting for commercial and home use. Keep your plants protected and garden safe with our netting by ordering online today.    

Hay Nets & Hay Bags

Hay nets and hay bags are used in stables and equestrian centres for hay storage and for slow feeding.

polypropylene rope

Polypropylene & Polysteel Rope

We have been manufacturing netting and rope since 1996 and have grown to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of netting, rope and equipment.

Net Fixings & Straining Wire

To help with the installation of all types of netting Huck Nets supply a full range of net fixings, straining wire and wire rope grips. 

shade netting

Shade Netting & Close Mesh Sheets

Close mesh sheets are used for a range of applications both in the trade and in the home and are a very versatile material.


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