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Polypropylene & Polysteel Rope

Rope features in many of our netting solutions as it adds strength to products like our FASET compliant safety nets. We have been manufacturing netting and rope since 1996 and have grown to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of netting, rope and equipment. We sell three different types of rope that can be used for a range of different purposes and applications.  

Polysteel rope is used in our safety and fall arrest nets as a border rope and as rope ties. It is rigged through each mesh to provide strength before being spliced to create a secure connection between the two ends. Polysteel rope is very strong and has a diameter of approx. 12mm. Huck Polysteel rope is supplied on coils of 660m and is finished with Huck fleck in green, yellow and blue.  

As well as Polysteel coils we can also supply Polysteel cross ropes that are used with safety netting or pallet rack netting that is used to cover a wide area. Cross ropes help to reduce sagging in the net and are installed across both the length and width of the nets. Cross ropes are supplied loose and have a 12mm diameter. 

Polypropylene is much tougher to the touch than Polysteel rope and we stock many different diameter variations from 8mm through to 28mm. Polypropylene rope is incredibly tough and has a minimum breaking strain of 5120 daN (kp). This synthetic coloured rope is made from high-tenacity polypropylene and comes in reel lengths of 50m.  

One of the strongest types of rope that we sell is Hercules rope. This type of rope has a steel core so is often used as anti-vandal rope in places like outdoor playgrounds. The final finish is polyester but the core of the rope is made from 6 x 2.5mmm steel twisted strands which in turn are made from 7 twisted steel strands.