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At Huck nets we can offer safety net testing. It's important that fall arrest and safety netting is kept in good condition throughout its life. The way to maintain its lifespan and conform to the highest safety standards is to have your nets tested every year. 


When we supply our safety nets and fall arrest nets, we include safety net patches and net numbers attached to the net. These patches can be sent to us for testing using our net testing machine. We also require the numbers to be sent us. Once you have run out of these patches you will need to send the whole net to us for testing. We can then send you the result of the netting test. 


To test the strength and safety of our safety nets we use a safety net test machine. Our safety net testing machine breaks a test patch to give the energy absorption and breaking strain of the net. We can then compare this data with the test standard to ensure the net is still strong enough to use as personal safety netting. 


If you would like any more information on our safety net testing service please get in touch with a member of our team. They will be more than happy to talk you through the process and offer advice. You can contact them on 01308 425100.