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HuckTek is the installation arm of the Huck group. They are specialists in the installation of all types of netting product. Over the years HuckTek have become expert net installers and offer the installation of most Huck products. These services include Sports, industrial, bird control, industrial, playground and environmental installations. We have installed both large and small nets from balcony protection to covering quarries. HuckTek work with a lot of zoos and aviaries manufacturing and installing enclosures for all animals from Lions to garden birds. If you require any further details about the installation of any nets or associated products please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can contact them directly on or call 0114 288 9550 

ceiling net installation

Sports installations

HuckTek are experts in all forms of sports netting installation, from high golf driving range installations to crosshall indoor divider nets we can offer a full design, manufacture, supply and installation package.
If you have an indoor net inquiry please contact our indoor sports specialist Rob Walter on 01308 425100 he has over 10 years netting experience and will be able to help with any advice you need.
For outdoor and ball stop net questions please contact our office on 0114 288 9550 and speak to a member of the team.


Ball Stop Nets
HuckTek provides ball stop netting systems to prevent balls striking fragile surfaces such as windows or plaster work internally and netted fencing systems to protect neighbouring gardens, children’s play areas and sensitive environmental locations from inadvertent stray balls. Net systems can be supplied with Timber or Metal posts and can be in place permanently or retractable.

Divider Nets

Ball stop systems include a range of divider nets to temporarily split recreational areas such as playing fields or sports halls into individual smaller areas for training purposes or to downsize from association football to 5-a-side for example.

Roof Protection Nets
Ball stop netting should not necessarily cease at a set height. Interior roof protection prevents balls becoming stuck in the rafters or damaging lighting, air vents or suspended ceiling panels. Huck Tek has also supplied netting and support cabling to prevent unstable ceiling components from falling on the public below where repairs cannot be immediately affected

Indoor Cricket Nets

Cricket nets can be installed to suit any hall, including full trackway systems or wire systems we can Design, Manufacture, Supply and Install to maximize the hall size. Cricket nets can be installed to ECB standards including storage pouches and batting sheets.

Indoor Football Systems

Indoor football nets are installed to protect the building, Spectators and to keep the ball in the playing court. They can be installed off tension wire or off trackway

Bear in swing

Zoos and Aviaries

Zoos And Aviaries

Huck Tek have worked with zoos and aviaries to provide light and airy containment compounds for various birds and animals. Exciting new netting materials are always being researched and
developed into workable systems, to provide aesthetically pleasing and safer containment areas for the visitor and exhibit alike.

Polymer Netting 
Polymer netting is commonly utilised for area demarcation keeping harmless animals such as Lemurs and Monkeys within a specific area without providing a threatening barrier to their location. Various types of net are available including special wire core types for netting in aviaries where birds could potentially bite through normal polymer strands.

Steel (Dralo) Netting Steel 
‘Huck Dralo’ netting is formed from conventional multistrand cables with closed slug joints at each cable crossover point locking the cables into a preformed grid. This type of netting material provides a high strength solution for containment of larger and predatory animals

Steel (X-TOR) Netting
Steel ‘X-Tor’ netting from the Huck Torimex range provides a diamond pattern mesh with crimped ferrule joints. This is used extensively for containments of larger animals, but development in new manufacturing techniques using smaller gauge cables has allowed us to produce a range of finer weave nets that are particularly suitable for many bird applications and aviaries. The material is flexible and robust making it ideally suitable for contoured and irregular shaped apertures and spaces.


rack netting installation

Industrial Netting


HuckTek can design, manufacture, supply and install a variety of different industrial netting including.

Factory Pallet Rack Netting
Protection to personnel from pallets and boxes becoming dislodged from racking during placement or removal is essential, particularly in high bay racking systems. Huck Tek installs protection net systems which prevent material falls, protecting personnel and expensive materials from dam.

Helipad Netting
Helipad netting helps prevent personnel from falling if they inadvertently step over the edge of the landing pad when disorientated by the helicopter rotor blast.
On some buildings polymer netting is used, supported in a framework to provide no-step protection at the raised helipad edge. As an alternative to polymer netting, pad overhangs may be protected in the same manner with galvanized or stainless steel netting such as Huck “Dralo” or Huck-Torimex “X-Tor”. Metal nets may lack the energy absorption in comparison to polymer netting, but they provide a stronger solution offering reduced maintenance and increased longevit.

Catch Netting
Netting the undersides and sides of conveyor systems prevents loss of materials onto personnel below by catching materials from sliding off the sides. Huck Tek specialises in netting overhead conveyors, sharp turns in transport conveyors and roller docking bays.

Rockfall Netting
In mountainous areas, rail / road cuttings and on exposed quarry faces rock fall is always a potential hazard as faces erode under the natural action of the weather and the environment. Using specialist access teams or powered access equipment in suitable areas, Huck Tek has carried out numerous activities involving rock face dentition, rock bolting and the installation of rock fall protection nets and rock fall fencing systems of all types. Periodic inspection, maintenance and repair of protected areas are also undertaken.

Tanks and Silos
Open Tanks and Silos are a constant attraction for the unauthorised public and operatives alike. Falling in is a permanent hazard unless the access areas are netted.
Nets can be polypropylene or steel with steel netting offering the more robust low maintenance solution particularly if intruders are likely to try walking on the
netting or damaging it with heat or sharp implements. Huck Tek provides netted systems or nets for self installation complete with suitable fixings and advic.

Lagoon Netting
Netting of lagoons, carrying water run-off from motorways and hardstandings have been carried out for a number of years. This type of netting used to deter nesting and wading birds, is particularly necessary in the vicinity of airport runways where birds can present a threat to aircraft during take-off and landing. Huck Tek have installed a variety of netting systems at key UK airports such as Heathrow’s T5, Newcastle International and the new Robin Hood Airport at Doncaster.

anti litter net instalation

Environmental net


HuckTek Enviromental netting experts will Design, Manufacture, Supply an Install systems to suit your needs.

Total Enclosure Systems

Current environmental constraints often necessitate the requirement to exclude feral birds and control airborne litter and waste on open landfill and restoration sites. This frequently dictates that the site be totally encapsulated in netting and be designed to cope with the natural effects of wind, snow and ice. Huck Tek offer bespoke designs supplied and installed working in conjunction with reputable structural engineers to produce operational enclosures that facilitate phased tipping to final restoration levels under a complete net canopy. Working with site owners / operators and consultants we can provide the complete installation of cables and netting and the erection of complete steel structural support systems involving multiple grid-pattern cabling with masts,
towers and ground anchors.

Marquee Cable Structures
High level cable grid structures that use steel perimeter towers and internal masts to support a complete landfill cover net that allows the operator to tip to the planned restoration level in one single operation without the need to move or lift the netting system

Single Span Cable Structures
Where the restriction or encapsulation requirements involve the fill of a deep quarry type excavation, the Marquee Systems may be simplified by the use of Single Span Cable Structures. In these systems parallel cables are positioned across the cell hung from masts at opposite sides of the cell. This structure is used to carry a pre-structured net system on a designed grid plan, which is assembled and launched across the quarry. The grid system is designed to fail-safe under excessive loading to protect the main structures integrity

Anti Litter Fencing 

Where fencing is required to be over 3-4m high there are no existing standards in the BS1722 range. Litter Fencing above these heights tends to be based on bespoke manufacture to consultants or Huck Tek proposals. Huck Tek is able to advise customers on solutions and to provide structural engineer backed design calculations if required.

Post & Socket Systems
Light Post and Socket fences can be provided from a range of standards up to 4m high. These systems are designed to be supported within a ground socket either earth driven or cast
in concrete to facilitate removal, replacement or relocation, designed to lean or bend under excessive wind load yet allow for easy replacement if required

Light Duty Tripod Fencing (LDTF)
Light readily portable tubular fencing formed into a single bolt tripod so that it stands in a tee-pee manner with light litter netting hung on to the longest leg. Ground stakes are provided and additional cable guying with stakes are available. Again the fencing is designed to blow over in excessive winds and is suitable for light duty on long runs of catchments or as local
cover adjacent to a tipping or sorting area which requires frequent movement about the site.

Heavy Duty Tripod Fencing (HDTF)
The heavy duty relocatable fencing system designed for 5-7m height range. This system is based on the original Huck tripod support providing an adjustable front mast leg and fixed articulating backstay tubes, used typically around the perimeter of landfill sites or on the landfill to form temporary netted litter enclosures. The three legs are bolted to a base frame during erection and additional stability is provided by placing concrete kentledge blocks or fines filled IBC bags onto the base frame. A fixed cable guy provides support to the end tripods with the intermediate supports retained by a tensioned cable system, the netting is directly attached to the cable grid. HDTF may be dismantled and moved to new locations as the site requirements change.

Telegraph Pole Fencing
For higher fences 6–8m above ground, the telegraph pole option is frequently cost-effective since poles are available both new and second hand. The poles are obviously made
from natural material so both load capacity and quality vary considerably. Pole sizes are selected to suit the fence height and potential loading requirements for each particular site
location. Dependant on location and ground conditions posts can be set into concrete to provide additional ground support, but this is not a recommended long term solution as the timber
and concrete can react and affect the poles integrity. netting is attached directly onto steel cabling secured directly onto the timber.

Steel Post Fencing 

Steel Post Fencing to BS1722 standards or specialist fencing for higher containment systems are always possible. Huck Tek offer bespoke systems which are not available “off the shelf” from fencing specialists, so we can provide netted fencing which provides cover above and beyond the limits of traditional boundary fencing systems.
If your existing fence line needs netting or the net catchments height is no longer sufficient for your needs, Huck Tek are pleased to discuss the potential options with you.

Portable Netting Systems

Small netting enclosures are frequently needed at different locations during the life of a project, or need to be temporary installed for a couple of years and removed. A whole range of options are available to suit the needs of any customer.

GeoNet™ Portable Enclosures
The “Somernet” style tow able compound system is in use on many sites. Huck Tek supply replacement netting and components to maintain your existing system. We can manufacture and supply a complete new system, based on roller or skid mounted frames. Any damage repairs, re-cabling, re-netting can be carried out by Huck Tek engineers

Heavy Duty Tripod Enclosures
Improvements and revisions based upon the original Huck Heavy Duty Tripod (HDT) system to provide a complete, roofed and netted tipping enclosure of specified size with suitable
base anchorage and load backstays. The HDT system is easily pre-spaced in the dimensions you require. Side nets may be specified to run within the tripod line or the net can be pre-made
to suspend from roof cables to hang inside the line of tripods. Common enclosure heights are 6-7m. 10m tripods are possible (subject to suitable ground fixing or sufficient base loading).
Huck Tek is able to supply, erect, dismantle and re-site HDT enclosures and has a lifting frame available to move tripods about your site without the need to wholly dismantle an erect