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Weld Mesh Panels & Rolls

Although you will find our weld mesh panels and rolls in our bird control section they can be used for a range of applications. Weld mesh fencing is often used in industrial environments for things like racking and storage. It can also be used in the garden for planting and protecting against pests.  

Weld mesh for bird control is used in both the home and for businesses. It is an effective way of protecting buildings and gardens against pest species like pigeons and gulls. Our panels come in a range of different gauges, mesh sizes and roll sizes. Smaller meshes are best for protecting against birds like pigeons and sparrows. Larger meshes will provide adequate protection against gulls and similar species 

To protect against rust erosion our weld mesh fencing and panels are galvanised. This will ensure a long life and consistent, durable protection. Weld mesh is a good bird deterrent when protecting installations like solar panels. We have a specialist galvanised solar panel mesh that can be used for this purpose.  

Weld mesh panels are easy to install and we have a selection of weld mesh tools and fixings to help with the installation process. Usually they are installed using hog rings which can be attached to wall fixings or wire posts. Weld mesh panels may also be used with other bird deterrent products like bird netting and bird spikes to provide complete coverage and protection.  

We have a complete range of bird deterrent products in our bird control section. We have been manufacturing bird netting from our Dorset factory since 1996. Huck Nets are one of the UK’s leading netting providers. If you require any help with your purchase, please do call our team 01308 425100. They are more than happy to help you make the right selection for your project or build.