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Bird Deterrent Spikes

Bird Deterrent Spikes For Pigeons & Gulls

Bird deterrent spikes provide effective protection against larger pest birds including pigeons and gulls. Most bird deterrent spikes are installed on fences, roofs and ledges to stop birds perching and nesting in unwanted areas. We stock a large range of anti-bird spikes and products including bird netting, bird wire systems and solar panel proofing.  

For bird deterrent spikes to be effective it is important to choose the right type of spike for the bird you are dealing with. Anti bird spikes come in different heights for pigeons and gulls. Gull spikes are taller than pigeon spikes which makes it harder for them to land on a ledge or roof. If you are trying to protect against multiple species, choose bird deterrent spikes that will protect against the largest bird.  

As well as the height of the anti-bird spikes you need to consider the width you intend to use. Our range of anti-bird spikes provides protection for ledges that are up to 275mm. If the ledge is wider you will need to install double rows of spikes for effective protection. 

To cater for all situations our pigeon spikes and gull spikes are available in a fully plastic version or with a plastic base and stainless-steel spikes. The metal spikes are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel. It’s important to remember that these spikes are used as a deterrent. They are not designed to harm the birds in any way. We also sell bird scarers that can be used on lampposts and lighting called daddy long legs. These spikes are also very effective when used to protect chimneys.  

Bird deterrents are very easy to install and can be stuck in place with a strong adhesive. We sell a range of adhesives that can be used for bird spike installation including eco-friendly adhesive. To install bird anti spikes simply clean the ledge you plan to install the spikes on and apply the adhesive. You must ensure that the ledge is dry when installing. If you have any questions please do get in touch with a member of our team on 01460 425100.