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Gull Spikes

Huck Nets' seagull spikes are ideal for deterring gulls from rooftops, window sills and ledges of commercial property, keeping your premises protected from bird mess and damage.


Product overview Gull Spikes

PinPoint 8 Plastic Spike (Per M)

Article number PP08
Unit Price per pack
£ 8.00

Bird Spikes - 10m Pack with Adhesive (ProPoint 4 Gull)

Article number PROG4-10
Unit Price per pack
£ 54.90

Bird Spikes - 5m Pack with Adhesive (ProPoint 4 Gull)

Article number PROG4-5
Unit Price per pack
£ 31.40

PinPoint 2 Ridge Spike (Per M)

Article number PP02RS
Unit Price per meter
£ 8.58

Gull Bird Spikes - ProPoint 4 Gull (Per M)

Article number PROG4
Unit Price per meter
£ 4.75
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Seagull Spikes

Are you searching for a way to keep seagulls from damaging or fouling your premises? Our seagull spikes are incredibly effective at deterring these birds, giving you peace of mind and protecting your property.


We supply a range of different sizes for you to fully protect the whole of your roof, window sills and ledges from persistent gulls. Many of our spikes are sold by the metre, so you can cover the exact area you need to.


Our stainless steel spikes are blunt-tipped to make sure that the birds aren't harmed. They're also very easy to fit and are supplied with clear adhesive for you to securely fix them to the surface of your property.


Plastic bird spikes are just as effective as our steel spikes, providing great ledge protection. The plastic is UV-stabilised, so it won't discolour or go brittle in direct sunlight – perfect for shop and office fronts who want a more discreet bird deterrent.


Shop our trusted range of seagull spikes today to protect your property, and keep those pesky seagulls well away!



Are bird spikes legal in the UK?

Yes, bird spikes are legal in the UK. Bird and gull spikes are a very effective way of keeping these feathered pests off your property and are actually a harmless way of deterring them.

Are plastic or metal bird spikes better at deterring gulls?

Plastic and metal spikes are both great at deterring birds. Stainless steel spikes are a little more expensive than plastic spikes because they're constructed from metal, but plastic spikes do just as good a job! Premises with a more public or professional environment may prefer to go with plastic bird spikes, since they have a more discrete design.

Can I use bird spikes on a domestic property?

It is legal to put bird spikes on your garden fence, so long as you make sure the fence falls under your own property agreement. We recommend only using blunt spikes so you don't create a danger to other animals and wildlife that may attempt to climb your fence.

What can I use instead of bird spikes?

Bird netting is another great option for keeping birds off your property. Huck Nets manufacture and supply a superb selection of bird nets for a range of uses – both domestic and commercial. Take a look at our range of netting here!