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Ball Stop Netting

Ball Stop Netting For a Range Of Sports

Ball stop netting available to buy online & made to any size for football, cricket, golf, tennis & the back garden. Strong knotless netting, made in the UK.

Ball stop netting is one of our most popular types of sports netting. It’s a very versatile netting solution and can be used as football ball stop netting, cricket ball stop netting and as netting for the garden. We have been manufacturing ball stop netting as well as a range of other sports netting and industrial netting since 1996 from our Dorset factory.  

This type of netting can be used for a wide range of different sports and applications and so it comes in a mixture of mesh sizes and diameters. Ball stop netting with a larger mesh size of 100mm to 120mm is perfect for use as football stop netting. Smaller mesh sizes, around 20mm and 30mm are best used for sports like cricket and hockey.

As well as netting, we also provide the hardware for installation. This can range from the steel posts needed for installation at places like stadiums and playing fields. We also sell rope, wipe grips and tensioning locks that are commonly used when installing this type of netting.  

If you need a netting installation service then we have our own team of netting installation experts. They can visit your site to advise on the type of netting you require and provide a full sports netting installation service. We can make a range of nets to bespoke sizes and shapes.