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Garden Ball Stop Netting - 100mm (Made to Order)

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Mid-weight garden sports ball stop netting with a 100mm mesh and 2.3mm diameter. Hard-wearing net with breaking strain of approximately 80kg per mesh. Perfect for gardens, fences and driveways.

Why Choose Garden Ball Stop Netting?

Our garden ball stop netting is an incredibly hard-wearing and highly affordable solution for those looking to enclose their garden or outdoor space. They're perfect nets to stop balls going over fences!

Garden ball stop netting has a 100mm mesh size, making it suitable for stopping footballs, basketballs, rugby balls, and any other large sports balls.

The knotless design and rot-proof properties mean this netting can be installed inside and outside and will last for many years once in place. The 2.3mm diameter of the netting makes it very lightweight and easy to install yourself with the right fixings. We cut your netting to size, so it’s ready to install as soon as it arrives. 

Each net is professionally finished by stitching a 6mm twine around the edge for additional strength and tear prevention.

Technical Specs

  • 2.3mm diameter knotless netting
  • 100mm mesh size 
  • Supplied ready to hang
  • Edges reinforced with 5-7mm selvedge cord
  • Cost-effective netting solution
  • UV and weather-resistant

Need a smaller mesh size? Buy our 40mm mesh cricket ball stop netting.



Will ball stop netting stop balls going over my fence?

Yes, the netting will stop balls from going over your fence if you install it correctly. All of our ball stop netting is made from high-quality high-tenacity 2.3mm knotless netting, with a mesh size of 100mm to stop most balls from getting through. All our made-to-order netting is supplied and ready to be installed. It's available in black or green to blend in naturally with the surroundings.

How long does ball stop netting last?

Our ball stop netting features rot-proof properties, which means it can stay outside and withstand all weather conditions. The netting will also last a lot longer if it is installed correctly. All of our ball-stop netting is UV and weather resistant for complete peace of mind.

How strong is your garden ball stop nets?

Our ball stop netting offers a breaking strain of 80kg per mesh, making it super strong and durable.

What if I need to stop smaller-sized balls, such as a cricket ball?

We also stock 40mm cricket ball stop netting which can be used to stop smaller balls from going over your fence. This knotless netting is made from high-strength polypropylene.

What If I need a custom-sized ball stop net? 


If you have any questions about our garden ball stop netting, feel free to contact a member of our sales team here, or by calling 01308 425 100

Article number
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Ships in approx.
7-14 days