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Safety Netting

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Safety nets are an essential piece of equipment in the construction industry. Contractors will often install a safety net system as a fall prevention method to protect workers by minimising the maximum fall height, preventing serious injury.

At Huck Nets, we manufacture and supply a range of safety netting solutions, which include: 

All of our safety netting ranges from standard-size fall arrest nets to safety nets with debris overlay and partly fixed sheets.

As stated by the UK Health and Safety Executive, personnel safety netting is the preferred method of fall protection and is commonplace on construction sites across the UK.

Safety nets are usually one of the first requirements for projects taking place at height, so it's crucial that any netting supplied is of high quality and meets the relevant safety standards – just like ours at Huck Nets.

Market-Leading Knotless Safety Netting in the UK

All of our fall arrest safety nets are made from knotless safety netting, which is the preferred choice for many construction businesses, and we've earned a fantastic reputation as one of the leading safety netting companies in the UK. 

As an active FASET member, we are committed to helping uphold building site safety requirements with safety netting and edge protection systems.

We have worked with various contractors supplying safety net systems for projects, including replacing fragile roof sheets, protecting against falling materials, edge protection and large-scale building and construction projects, like sports stadiums and residential buildings.

If you're a main contractor or responsible for site safety, speak to a member of our team today about how we can help you meet safety requirements on your project with safety and fall arrest netting.

Bespoke Safety Netting Manufacturer

All of our safety nets come with border rope and safety net rigging. We can also add polypropylene rope ties to your order on request to help ensure your safety net is securely attached.

If your safety netting requires a debris netting overlay to enhance protection against falling materials, this can be done, too, as well as adding a fire-retardant treatment. 

As we manufacture our netting in-house, you can choose your mesh size and netting colour. Clients often ask for safety netting to be supplied in their brand colour, and different sizes of mesh will be suited to particular projects. For example, if you'll be walking on the netting, we recommend using a 45mm mesh.

You can speak with our safety netting expert about the type and size of nets you will require for a project.

Expert Safety Net Testing & Repair Services

As safety netting needs to be tested annually, all of our safety nets come with tags and patches. This allows you to send a square of netting to us for testing rather than the whole safety net.

If you have old safety netting that needs to be tested, we also offer a safety net testing and repair service. This is useful when your net only needs partly replacing. Instead of buying a new safety net or fall arrest net, you can send it to us to be repaired using our safety net repair service, saving you time and money.   

During the service, we will carry out several tests for UV degradation and damage.

Contact Our Safety Netting Sales Team Today

Safety netting is a vital piece of equipment for every construction and building site to keep workers safe and protect other buildings and property against damage and falling debris.

Speak to Huck Nets today about your safety netting requirements. As one of the UK's leading netting manufacturers and suppliers, you can trust that you'll be receiving the best safety nets for your project.

Call 01308 425100 or email Enquiries@hucknetting.co.uk to discuss further. 

fall arrest safety net

Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Made to EN 1263-1 standards and supplied with tags and patches. 

Fire Retardant Safety Nets

Our specialist fire retardant safety netting can be used on construction sites and in sports venues.

scaffold netting on a building

Scaffold Netting

Debris netting is used to protect the public and buildings and can be attached to netting and scaffolding.

brick nets

Brick Nets

Brick and cargo netting is essential when transporting heavy goods like bricks, masonry and other construction related items. 

line crossing net over road

Power Line Crossing Nets

Line crossing nets are installed under wires that cross roads and motorways and have a large mesh size. 

Skylight Safety Nets

This roof fall protection system and roof safety are nowadays very important terms for any work or checks performed on buildings.

safety ropes

Safety Ropes & Net Ties

We include safety rope around the borders of our nets as standard to ensure they provide the strength and durability needed when working at height.  

Safety Net Testing

We offer safety net testing for our own netting and that of other manufacturers. Our team of experts will ensure that your safety net meets industry standards and can withstand the forces it was designed for. Book our service below or get in touch.   Read more