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Industrial Netting

Industrial netting can be used in a range of different situations from landfill sites to warehouses. Huck Nets are a leading UK supplier of industrial netting. We have been manufacturing a range of nets in our Bridport factory since 1996 from our own world-renowned netting. 

One of our best-selling industrial nets is anti-litter netting which is commonly used at waste landfill sites and building sites. The small 45mm mesh size stops littler from blowing through the net and away from contained areas. Anti-litter netting can be cut to size and installed by attaching it to large posts set in the ground. We can provide an installation service as well as the netting for your project.  

As well as anti-litter netting, we manufacture lorry nets and skip nets. We can make our lorry nets and skip nets to order although they are also available to buy in standard sizes. Skip nets are made using close mesh with eyelets at 1m intervals that are threaded with 8mm bungee cord. Lorry nets are made using 45mm mesh netting with re-enforced edges and finished with 6mm bungee surround.    

Our lifting nets are available to purchase in 1T to 3T breaking strains. They are made using high strength staple spun rope with a 200mm mesh. In our industrial netting section, you can also find pallet rack netting. Our pallet rack nets are made using 45mm mesh high tenacity polypropylene and come in a range of colours. We can cut netting to size to fit any size and shape of warehouse.  

Thanks to our market-leading industry status we have manufactured and installed netting at some of the largest sites in the UK. One of our recent projects was in Stornoway which involved installing large amounts of anti-litter netting to contain waste in a landfill site. If you are unsure on what you require for your industrial netting job give a member of our team a call on 01308 425100. They will be more than happy to give you advice and guidance.     

anti-litter netting for a waste site

Anti-Litter Netting

Anti-litter netting is a very effective solution for stopping rubbish, debris and litter from being blown outside of a controlled area such as a building site or a landfill site.

Pallet Rack & Warehouse Netting

An increased focus on preventing injuries in the workplace has led to more businesses installing pallet rack netting in their warehouses.

webbing cargo nets

Webbing Cargo & Load Restraint Nets

Webbing nets and accessories are used for securing loads during transit on lorries, pallets and vans. We manufacture all of our webbing nets and load restraint nets in the UK.

close mesh skip net

Skip Covers | Skip Nets | Lorry Nets

All Huck skip covers and lorry nets are made from hard wearing materials and comewith heavy-duty PVC banding, brass eyelets and extra strength 8mm shock cord. 

Lifting & Hoist Nets

Lifting & Hoist Nets

Huck Nets lifting nets are manufactured from the highest quality and most reliable materials available. Our lifting nets use staple spun rope with a 200mm square mesh.

Barrier mesh fencing

Barrier Fencing & Building Site Screens

Barrier fencing is an important safety feature where building, excavation or restoration work is being carried out. 

scaffold debris netting

Debris Netting & Close Mesh Sheets

Debris netting and close mesh sheets are used on building sites to protect workers, buildings and other property from falling debris. 

Bird Deterrent Products

Our bird control department contains a range of bird control netting and other deterrents. Bird netting tends to be the most effective form of bird proofing.