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Lifting & Hoist Nets

Huck Nets lifting and hoist nets are manufactured from the highest quality and most reliable materials available. Our lifting nets use staple spun rope with a 200mm square mesh. Lifting and hoist nets come in a mixture of safe working loads or payloads that must be taken into account based on materials being lifted.  

As a brief guide, a safe working load has a safety factor of 6 so can be certified to lift heavier loads. A payload designates the breaking point of the net so is more suited to lighter loads and the capacity should not be reached. If you need to check with us on the correct type for your job please do get in touch. 

Lifting cargo nets can be used in a range of different environments from warehouses to construction sites. When using a hoist net it’s vital that you know the exact weight of the load you will be lifting. This will enable you to choose the most appropriate net for the job. Many of our customers choose to purchase lifting nets in a range of sizes. This ensures that they are fully prepared should they need to lift an item of a heavier weight while on the job. 

We have been supplying a range of netting from our Dorset factory since 1996 and have extensive experience of working with construction firms, warehouses, logistics companies and sports stadiums to design, manufacture, supply and install world class netting solutions. We also have our own netting installation division. Huck Nets are the pioneers of knotless netting and the majority of the netting we produce is of the knotless variety.  

If you require any assistance with your purchase of lifting or hoist nets, or if you would like to speak with a member of our team please do get in touch. We are happy to share with you our 20+ years of netting experience to ensure that you choose the right netting solution for your next project.