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1 Tonne Lifting Nets

Product overview 1 Tonne Lifting Nets

Lifting Net 1 T SWL 2m x 2m

Article number 1TSWL-22
Unit price
£ 300.00

Lifting Net 1T SWL 3m x 3m

Article number 1TSWL-33
Unit price
£ 414.00

Lifting Net 1T SWL 4m x 4m

Article number 1TSWL-44
Unit price
£ 883.50
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In this section you will find a range of lifting nets with a 1 tonne payload and a 1 tonne Safe Working Load (SWL).


A SWL has a safety factor of 5 ie. a 1 tonne payload net will hold 1 tonne but a 1 tonne SWL will hold 5 tonne.