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Pallet Rack & Warehouse Netting

Pallet netting is becoming ever more important in warehouses and stock rooms. An increased focus on preventing injuries in the workplace has led to more businesses installing pallet rack netting in their warehouses. For warehouses with especially high racking, installing some form of safety netting is highly advisable. 

Warehouse netting or pallet rack netting is made in our modern netting factory. The breaking strain of our 45mm, 3mm diameter warehouse netting is 1.2kn per mesh making it very strong. The small mesh makes it ideal for stopping smaller pieces falling. We can make this rack netting to any size required and in a full range of colours 

To add strength to pallet rack netting we can add cross ropes. These cross ropes are threaded longitudinally and transversely through the mesh and fastened to the surround rope on both sides. These cross ropes have a breaking strain of 30kn. The main benefits of cross ropes are that they reduce sagging and add strength. Cross ropes are made using 12mm Polysteel rope – the same rope that we use as a boundry cord in our fall arrest netting 

As well as pallet rack netting, we manufacture smaller nets for pallets. Pallet nets are made using a 45mm mesh knotless net with a 3mm diameter. Pallet nets are finished with an elastic cord around the base to safely secure the load. They are suitable for use with pallets that have an approximate size of 80 x 120 cm or 100 x 120 cm. 

Huck Nets are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of safety and industrial netting to businesses all over the world. We manufacture all of our own netting so we know that the quality is second to none. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about warehouse or pallet netting you can get in touch directly on 01308 425100.