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Anti-Litter Netting

Anti-litter netting is a very effective solution for stopping rubbish, debris and litter from being blown outside of a controlled area such as a building site or a landfill site. Using anti-littler netting will help to protect the environment and keep surrounding areas safe and tidy and waste free.  

Huck Nets anti-litter netting is available in 3 different mesh sizes to suit varying needs. The most common size, and the size that we manufacture most of is 45mm mesh. However, if you require a smaller mesh size, we do also have a slightly smaller 40mm mesh option and an even smaller 20mm mesh option. Smaller mesh sizes are used on landfill sites where waste has decomposed and can fit through a 45mm mesh anti-litter net. 

As well as different mesh sizes our anti-litter netting comes in a range of different netting diameters. All of our anti-litter netting is long lasting, easy to handle and aesthetically pleasing. This makes them a popular choice for industrial litter sites. The high tenacity knotless polypropylene netting has been manufactured to an incredibly high standard and can be left outside in all weathers for many years.  

Anti-letter nets are very easy to install and are usually attached to posts that are cemented directly into the ground. If you need your netting to be installed by a team of professionals we can help. We have our own netting installation division who can visit your site and recommend the netting you require. Once your netting has been manufactured the team will return and install your netting for you. 

Huck Nets have been producing industrial and safety netting for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in this area. Please do get in touch with our team on 01308 425100 if you have any questions or would like a bespoke quote that includes installation.