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Braided Cord & Twine

Twine and braided cord are often used to secure and repair lighter netting like sports netting and bird netting. It can be threaded through the mesh of smaller nets to provide support and to stop sagging. It can also be used in the garden as much of our mesh is weather resistant. Due to its strength it is also used very effectively for securing loose items and tying items together. 

One of our best sellers and a type of twine that our customers regularly ask for is our high-tensile polypropylene twine. It’s soft to the touch and incredibly easy to work with thanks to its pliant nature. This braided cord has a minimum breaking strain of 960 daN (kp) and is very lightweight at only 45g per metre. We supply braided cord on spools of 100m and the cord is available in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm variations.  

In addition to our regular polypropylene we also sell 3mm braided polypropylene cord in 2KG spools. This equates to roughly 400m of braided twine. The colours available are blue, green, yellow red and black. This is perfect for using when installing netting like bird netting or for use in the garden and the greenhouse.  

Isilink cord is very similar to our braded cord but contains holes making it perfect for hanging solutions. The rope can be threaded through itself and secured to provide a tight and secure hold. It is manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene and has a breaking strain of 290 daN (kp). Isilink cord is supplied in diameters of 3mm through to 10mm and is available in red, green or blue.  

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