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Shade Netting & Close Mesh Sheets

Shade netting and close mesh sheets are used for a range of different applications both in the trade and in the home. Both are very versatile and are commonly used as shade netting, windbreak netting and to cover skips and lorries that are transporting waste or rubbish. We manufacture this material in a range of weights and colours and can supply close mesh in rolls or bespoke sizes attached to netting. 

All of the close mesh sheets that we manufacture come with extra strong reinforced edges and eyelets every 500mm for easy installation. One of the most common uses for close mesh sheets is to cover skips. Skip nets are available in our skip and lorry nets section. These nets come with a bungee cord to help secure them and stop waste from blowing out of the skip.  

Another common use for close mesh sheets is as shade netting. Our shade netting provides 50/50 shading and is UV stabilised with a woven polyester mesh and are fully air permeable. Close mesh is often used as greenhouse shade netting in the garden. In construction shade netting is used with scaffolding to prevent damage to other buildings, cars and people passing below. 

Close mesh sheets can also be used in an agricultural setting as windbreak netting. It is usually installed around fields to reduce wind speed so that crops are fields are protected. Windbreak netting can also be used to protect fields and the surrounding landscape from water loss, soil erosion and regular wind damage.  

Huck nets are the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of industrial, sports and safety netting. We have been manufacturing high quality knotless netting in our Dorset factory in 1996. Please do get in touch with a member of our team on 01308 425100 if you require and help or advice when making your purchase.