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Huck Nets are one of the leading safety netting companies in the UK. We are committed to building site safety and are an active member of FASET. FASET is the trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and temporary safety systems industry. Our safety netting is also manufactured to EN1263 standards. 

We have been manufacturing a range of safety nets in our Bridport factory since 1996. The Huck brand is famous all over the world for reliability and durability. Our highly skilled staff are experts when it comes to safety nets. We are able to supply fall arrest netting, safety nets for roofing and line crossing nets. Our safety nets come in a range of stock sizes but can also be made to most sizes to order.  

Our team of experienced net riggers are able to add border rope to your order as well as ties. If you need debris adding to your net this can be done too as can a fire retardant treatment. All of our safety nets come with tags and patches. Our fall arrest netting and other safety netting is available in a range of mesh sizes. 

If you have safety netting that needs to be tested, we also offer a safety net testing and repair service. This is useful for when your net only needs partly replacing. Instead of buying a new safety net or fall arrest net you can send it to Huck to be repaired using our safety net repair service.   

Safety netting is a vital piece of equipment for every construction and building site. It helps to keep workers safe and protect other buildings and property against damage and falling debris. Speak to Huck Nets today about your safety netting requirements. We are here to help and advise on your next netting project. Call 01308 425100. 

fall arrest safety net

Fall Arrest Netting

Our fall arrest safety nets are made to EN 1263-1 standards and supplied with tags and patches. 

Safety Net Testing & Repair

Safety net test and repair

Safety Net Ropes & Ties

Ropes for safety nets

line crossing net over road

Line Crossing Nets

Large mesh nets to go under wires that cross roads

Made to Order Fall Arrest Safety Nets -100mm Mesh

Made To Order

Fall arrest safety nets made to order conforming to EN 1263-1

100MM Mesh fall arrest safety net complete with border rope and debris overlay

Made To Order

Fall arrest safety net complete with Debris overlay and border rope

6 x 10 m fall arrest Safety net with border rope and ties

Standard Sizes

6m x 10m fall arrest Safety net with border rope and ties Conforms to EN 1263-1 

Made to order fall arrest safety nets - 45mm mesh

Made To Order

5mm x 45mm mesh fall arrest Safety Net Complete With Border Rope