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Garden Netting & Rope

Heavy duty garden netting is one of the most popular netting types that we sell for home use. We manufacture all of our netting in-house in our Dorset factory, and have done since 1996. As well as heavy duty garden netting we also sell aviary netting, catamaran netting and barrier nets in this section although we also supply sports, safety and industrial netting for commercial use.  

Garden netting comes in many different varieties. We stock everything from bird deterrent netting to fruit cage netting and vegetable netting. Standard garden netting that can be used to divide areas or as a support to help plants grow is very lightweight and is easy to install. Pea and bean netting sits over veg patches to help protect against pests. To protect vegetables from insects we sell fine mesh vegetable netting that is UV stabilised and protected against rot and decay. 

As well as supplying netting to protect plants and crops we also sell netting that can help to keep your garden safe. Pond netting is a must, especially if you have pets or small children. Pond netting comes in a knotless and knotted variety and can be cut to any size or shape.  

Another very popular type of netting that we sell is aviary netting. This type of netting is very versatile and so can be used for other applications as well as aviary netting. Different mesh sizes will need to be used to provide protection against different species of bird. You can find out more about bird netting sizes and installation in our bird deterrent netting section.  

Our high-quality knotless netting is used for a range of purposes across many industries. We can make nets to bespoke size and shapes and in a range of different colours. We have recently added catamaran netting and stairwell safety nets to our growing range.