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Butterfly Netting

Our butterfly netting is the ideal way to keep your plants healthy, happy and protected. Suitable for domestic and commercial gardens. Shop our wide range of butterfly netting to keep your garden looking its best.

Product overview Butterfly Netting
PP 2,3 mm, MW 25 mm, dunkelgrün, Detailbild

General-Purpose Netting, Green - 25mm, 45mm or 100mm mesh

Article number GPN-01
Unit Price per m²
£ 2.39
PP 2,3 mm, MW 20 mm, schwarz, Detailbild

20mm Mesh Knotless Netting - Made To Order

Article number 200-020
Size Made to order
mesh square
mesh size 20 mm
material diameter 2.3 mm
finish normal
execution Nets per m²
material high tenacity polypropylene, knotless
Edge Execution reinforced selvedge cord of approx. 5-7 mm
weight per m² 180 g/m²
Unit Price per m²
£ 4.83

Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting - 2m Wide

Article number WJ/INS-UF-2
Unit Price per meter
£ 3.50
out of

The Best Butterfly Netting For Gardens

Butterfly netting is the perfect addition to your garden. Not only does it help to protect your plants and preserve their quality, but our netting is incredibly easy to use. 


Huck Nets butterfly netting can be used for both commercial and domestic gardens, so you can keep your brassicas and crops protected wherever your plot is located.


Preserving Your Crops

Any gardener knows that crops are susceptible to attacks from insects and other pests. Thankfully, our butterfly netting provides a simple and good-quality solution to this issue. 


Simply lay our soft butterfly netting directly over your crops to provide adequate protection from common pests such as cabbage white butterflies.

These nets are made using UV-stabilised and rot-proof materials, offering a durable solution for your plants all year round.


The mesh size is ideal for keeping out butterflies and other small pests that prove a nuisance. You can choose from a range of netting sizes, with bespoke options also available.


Avoiding Insecticides

Butterflies, bees, and other insects play an important role in our environment. Because of this, it can be important to avoid using insecticides wherever possible. 

This is where brassica netting is just what you need. Laying soft fabric netting over your plants and crops is the ideal way to keep them butterfly and caterpillar-free.


Order Butterfly Netting Online at Huck Nets Today

Browse our range of soft butterfly netting to help keep your garden butterfly, insect, and caterpillar-free.


Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements or questions regarding our butterfly net options.





Does Butterfly Netting Work?

The short answer is yes. Butterfly netting is ideal for protecting your plants from being nibbled by butterflies, but choosing the right mesh size is important. Butterfly netting should have a mesh size of no bigger than 7 mm to prevent butterflies from accessing the plants. It’s also important to ensure the net isn’t touching the foliage to ensure full protection.

What Mesh Size for Butterfly Netting?

To keep small butterflies – such as cabbage white butterflies – from affecting your growing crops, no larger than 7 mm is the minimum you should look for. Huck Nets Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting is the best possible crop protection with a mesh size of 0.22 mm x 0.80 mm.

Will Butterfly Netting Stop Birds?

Generally, butterfly netting will prevent birds from accessing your vegetables since the mesh size is small enough to prevent small insects from reaching the plants. Therefore, it’ll also prevent birds from accessing them. However, bird netting is likely to be a more suitable choice for ensured protection since it’s created exactly for this purpose.

Does Butterfly Netting Protect Grass Seed?

Yes, butterfly netting can be used to cover freshly seeded ground. Birds pose the main threat to freshly sown grass seed, and butterfly netting has a small enough mesh size to defend against birds while allowing enough light and water through to help the grass thrive.