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Insect Netting

Explore our extensive range of insect netting to find just what you need to keep your crops protected. Suitable for commercial and domestic gardens..

Product overview Insect Netting

Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting - 2m Wide

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Best Insect Netting for Any Garden

Installing insect netting in your garden is the ideal way to keep your plants and crops free from disease and damage caused by common pests. 


Huck Nets manufacture and supply different types of insect netting that can help keep your garden looking its best.


Types Of Insect Netting

We sell two types of insect netting – fine and ultra-fine insect netting. Both offer excellent protection against insects and can be used for commercial or domestic purposes.


If you want to keep your plants free of all pests, the Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting is ideal. The mesh size of this netting is an impressive 0.22mm by 0.80mm which is significantly smaller than most insect netting


Because the netting is so small, no pests such as onion flies, flea beatles, white flies and thrips, can damage plants. This means that pests won't be laying eggs on your growing fruit or vegetables.

Our Fine Insect Netting is effective at keeping butterflies and carrot flies off your crops.


Order Bespoke Insect Netting Online Today

We can manufacture your netting to the exact size you require, ensuring the best fit for your application. Please get in touch if you have any special requirements or questions.


Browse our range of insect netting to keep your plants safe and in the best possible condition to yield healthy crops.




How Does Insect Netting Work?

Insect netting simply creates a physical barrier that protects plants from pests of all sizes, from large birds and small insects. Insect mesh netting can be laid directly on crops or used with fruit cages and boxes.

Can Insect Netting Keep Aphids Away?

Our Ultra Fine Insect Netting can keep your plants safe from the effects of aphid species. The tiny mesh size is well-suited to keeping out these little insects.

What Mesh Size Keeps Bugs Out?

This depends on the bugs you’re trying to keep out, as the size of the mesh will need to be smaller than the insect. An ultra-fine mesh size of 0.22mm x 0.80mm will provide effective all-around protection, keeping out carrot root fly, cabbage butterfly, white flies and other small pests.

Where is the Best Place to Get Insect Netting?

Whether you want to protect against the larger cabbage white butterfly, leaf miners, carrot root fly, or any other insect pests, Huck Nets have the product for you. The Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting is ideal for your garden to keep all pests away.