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Greenhouse Netting

Greenhouse netting is used to support plants, fruit and vegetables whilst greenhouse shading nets offer extra protection from the sun to promote growth.

Product overview Greenhouse Netting
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Strawberry Netting 19mm - Made to Order

Article number SNBN2071
Unit Price per m²
£ 1.57

Windbreak Garden Netting - 50m x 3m Roll

Article number GNHUC503
Unit Price per roll
£ 40.00

Windbreak Garden Netting - 50m x 2m Roll

Article number GNHUC502
Unit Price per roll
£ 30.00
Fruit Tree Netting

Fruit Tree Netting, 20mm Mesh - Made To Order

Article number FTN-202-020
Size Made To Order
mesh size 20 mm
material diameter 1 mm
Unit Price per m²
£ 1.48
10mm manila rope

10mm Manila Fibre Rope - Per Metre

Article number UK-MAN10MMPM
Unit Price per meter
£ 0.62
8mm manila rope

8mm Manila Fibre Rope - Per Metre

Article number UK-MAN8MMPM
Unit Price per meter
£ 0.47

Ultra Fine Insect Protection Mesh Garden Netting - 2m Wide

Article number WJ/INS-UF-2
Unit Price per meter
£ 3.50
fruit cage netting

Fruit Cage Netting - Black - 4.75m Wide - 20mm Mesh

Article number B2024-020-06
Unit Price per meter
£ 5.75
fruit cage side netting

Fruit Cage Netting - Plastic - 2m High

Article number BX/DC WJ/SIDENE
Unit Price per meter
£ 3.00

Garden/Pond Netting - 100mm Mesh (1.5mm Diameter)

Article number G203-100-06
Unit Price per m²
£ 0.40
Strong Garden Tie Cord

Strong Garden Tie Cord

Article number 2133
execution Accessories
material polyethylene
material diameter 3 mm
Unit Price per meter
£ 0.15
Article BI9_3

Plant support net

Article number BI9_3
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Greenhouse netting is a type of fabric or material used to support plants in a greenhouse. It is typically made from polypropylene, nylon, or other synthetic materials. Huck nets stock greenhouse netting in various widths, lengths and mesh sizes to accommodate different sized greenhouses.


Once installed, greenhouse netting provides support for plants by holding them in place and keeping them from falling over. Greenhouse shade netting can also provide some protection from the sun and wind.


Greenhouse netting can also be installed on the outside of a greenhouse, around the perimeter or on the roof. It can also be hung from the ceiling or frame of your greenhouse.



Do I need to use greenhouse netting?

No, you don't necessarily need to use greenhouse netting. However, it can be beneficial in supporting plants and providing some protection from the elements such as sun and wind.

How do I install greenhouse netting?

Greenhouse netting can be installed in various ways depending on your needs. It can be hung from the ceiling or frame of your greenhouse, installed on the outside around the perimeter, or even on the roof.

What are the benefits of using greenhouse netting?

There are several benefits to using greenhouse netting. It can support plants and keep them from falling over, provide some protection from the sun and wind, and help to regulate temperature inside the greenhouse.

Does greenhouse netting come in different sizes?

Yes, greenhouse netting is available in different widths, lengths and mesh sizes to accommodate different sized greenhouses.

How often do I need to replace greenhouse netting?

Greenhouse netting typically lasts for several years but may need to be replaced sooner if it becomes damaged or worn.