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Fence Netting

Browse our extensive range of fence netting to help keep your garden and property safe at all times. Ideal for domestic and commercial properties.


Product overview Fence Netting

Windbreak Garden Netting - 50m x 2m Roll

Article number GNHUC502
Unit Price per roll
£ 30.00

Windbreak Garden Netting - 50m x 3m Roll

Article number GNHUC503
Unit Price per roll
£ 45.00
6.5mm x 6.5mm Weldmesh Roll

6.5mm x 6.5mm Weldmesh Roll (21 gauge) 0.915m x 25m

Article number WM0005
Unit price
£ 239.85
50mm x 50mm Weldmesh Roll

50mm x 50mm Weldmesh Roll (12 gauge) - 0.915m x 25m

Article number WM0003
Unit price
£ 170.56
25mm x 25mm Weldmesh Roll (16 gauge) - 0.915m x 6m

25mm x 25mm Weldmesh Roll (16 gauge) - 0.915m x 6m

Article number WM0002
Unit price
£ 43.53

12.5mm x 25mm Weldmesh Roll (16 gauge) - 0.915m x 6m

Article number WM0001
Unit price
£ 52.77
6.5mm x 6.5mm Weldmesh Roll

6.5mm x 6.5mm Weldmesh Roll (21 gauge) 0.915m x 6m

Article number WM0006
Unit price
£ 51.62
barrier net

Driveway Barrier Safety Net - 1m x Custom Length

Article number 9100
mesh square
material polyester, coated with PVC
material diameter 4 mm
mesh size 40 mm
Unit Price per meter
£ 18.00
Article 795-08

Jute Fabric, Air-permeable - 450 g/m² - Made to Order

Article number 795
Size Made to order
execution without shock cord
finish normal
weight per m² 450 g/m²
material jute fabric
mesh size 1 x 1 mm
Shading 50%
Edge Execution with reinforced and stitched edges all around (approx. 40 mm wide)
Eyelets inside diameter Ø 16 mm, all around, with chosen spacing (standard every 50 cm)
Unit Price per m²
£ 11.00
out of

The Best Fence Netting for Any Application

Putting netting around your garden fencing can be a great way to ensure your site is as secure as possible. 


These nets are ideal for a wide range of applications, from construction sites and warehouses to domestic gardens. They are the perfect choice for keeping out unwanted pests, birds, and other unwelcome visitors.


Plastic Mesh Fencing 

Our plastic mesh fencing is manufactured using UV-stabilised and rot-proof materials, providing a long-lasting solution to your needs.

We stock netting with various mesh sizes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate size for your property or application. Our mesh fencing can be made-to-order by our in-house manufacturing team, ensuring you receive the most accurate fit. 


Wire Mesh Fencing

We also supply wire mesh fencing in weldmesh rolls or panels, which can provide a slightly stronger option for your project.


They’re often used for keeping out mice and birds, and our range is available in a variety of sizes to suit all applications. 


Browse our range of plastic and mesh fence netting to help secure your property.




How Do You Attach Netting to a Fence Post?

There are different ways to secure a mesh fence net to a fence post. However, one of the easiest ways is to use cable ties. Simply loop the cable ties around the post and slide the grip shut.

What is the Best Mesh for Garden Fencing?

The best mesh for your garden fencing will depend on what purpose you want the netting to serve. Plastic mesh is good for various applications, including keeping out cats, deer, rabbits and birds. Wire mesh fencing is another great choice, but bear in mind that it’ll rust over the years so may need to be replaced more often.

How Far Apart Should Mesh Fencing Posts Be?

As a general rule, fence posts should be between 8' and 12' to keep the mesh taught and supported over time. The gauge of the mesh can also play a part in the ideal spacing of fence posts to hold the fence properly.