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Golf Cages

Golf practice cages from Huck Nets are ideal for club, professional and home use. All golf cages are supplied with high impact-resistant knotless netting for a complete and robust unit.



Product overview Golf Cages
golf net

Golf Ball Stop Netting - 3m x 3m (20mm)

Article number LWBAF
Unit price
£ 45.00

Folding Golf Practice Cage & Net - 3m x 3m x 3m

Article number GPF-CAGE
Unit price
£ 1,650.00

2 Bay Socketed Golf Cage & Net - 3m x 6m x 3m

Article number GP633
material diameter 2.3 mm
mesh size 20 mm
Unit price
£ 1,100.00

1 Bay Socketed Golf Cage & Net - 3m x 3m x 3m

Article number GP333
material diameter 2.3 mm
mesh size 20 mm
Unit price
£ 750.00

1 Bay Golf Cage Replacement Net - 3m x 3m x 3m

Article number GP333N
Unit price
£ 176.87

2 Bay Golf Cage Replacement Net - 3m x 6m x 3m

Article number GP633N
Unit price
£ 309.47
freestanding golf cage

Freestanding golf practice net 3m x 3m x 3m

Article number GPFS-333
Unit price
£ 950.00
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Professional Golf Practice Cages and Nets

Here at Huck, we have a great range of golf cage and net solutions that can be used for both professional and amateur golfing, on the course or at home.


Our golf cage frames are manufactured using hot-dipped galvanised steel for a fully robust and long-lasting cage. 


All our practice cages are supplied with our signature knotless netting. The polypropylene material is UV-resistant and weather-proof, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor and indoor use.


Fixed Frame Gold Cages for the Driving Range & Course

Fixed-frame golf cages are the most popular type of cage for golf clubs and driving ranges, and Huck Nets are the best around.


The socketed fixings make them incredibly strong, and once installed, they can be left up all year.


Our fixed frame cages are supplied with knotless netting for the roof, back and sides and archery-grade baffle netting for added safety and shot absorption. 


We also stock a folding golf practice cage – perfect for golfers with limited space, and that need to fold the cage away after use.


Replacement Golf Cage Netting

If you require a replacement golf cage net, then we can help. Even if the golf cage frame wasn't bought from us originally, we can make netting to your exact specifications.


Our unique golf netting boasts greater strength than many others on the market all thanks to our own knotless design. Where other netting uses a knot to join each mesh, our netting is one piece all the way through, reducing the chances of holes forming at the join and adding a great degree of strength.


Bespoke Golf Cage and Net Service

As we manufacture everything in-house, we can make golf cages and nets to any shape and size required. Simply order online using our netting calculator or contact our team on 01308 425 100 or email enquiries@hucknetting.co.uk.


Order your golf cages and netting from Huck Nets today.




Can You Create a Custom Golf Cage?

Yes, we can manufacture a bespoke golf cage and nets. Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements, and our sales team will get back to you to discuss further.

Should I Have a Golf Practice Cage at My Course?

Golf cages are excellent pieces of kit for golf courses, driving ranges, and putting greens. They can improve the accuracy of every shot and allow players to practice their swing without having to worry about stray balls.

Having a golf cage will undoubtedly help your course stand out from the competition and give your members an improved playing experience.

What Mesh Size Should Golf Practice Nets Be?

Golf practice nets should have a minimum mesh size of 20mm.

What is Golf Ball Stop Netting Used For?

Golf ball stop netting can be erected around golf courses and driving ranges to prevent golf balls from going beyond the area and causing injury or damage. It can be set up around a professional course to protect onlooking spectators or around a residential area to stop stray golf balls from entering gardens and causing damage.

It can also be set up around driving ranges and putting greens to reduce the risk of losing golf balls during practice.