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Golf Driving Range Netting Installation

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Huck Nets can Design, Manufacture, Supply and Install Driving range safety nets to suit your needs. Give us a call on 01308 425100 and speak to one of our experts on driving range nets and arrange a free site survey. Alternatively you can e-mail your enquiry to rob.walter@hucknetting.co.uk. We have installed golf nets all over the country and can manage your project from start to finish. 

We have a variety of nets suitable for driving range nets, from our heavyweight 20mm mesh golf driving range net to a lightweight 28mm golf net and a couple of options in between.

Our lightest golf range netting is a 12/6 knotted 28mm mesh golf ball stop netting, this is ideal if there is a long distance between the ball strike and the impact with the net.

We can offer 3 different weights of knot-less golf nets.

1.8mm x 25mm mesh golf net - this is the golf net we use at most golf courses, it is lightweight, very strong and available in Dark Green or Black. it is ideally suited to large nets down the sides of golf ranges.

2.3mm x 25mm mesh golf net - this net is used as a medium distance protection golf net, If the driving range net starts right by the players then this is the golf net we would recommend.

2.3mm x 20mm mesh golf net - Our high impact golf netting is suitable to hit straight into so can be used on in cages as well as any hard wearing areas of driving ranges.

All our golf range nets can be supplied with an anti-vermin skirt on the base to help prevent animals eating the bottom of the range nets and allowing balls to roll out of the driving range. 

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