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Golf Ball Stop Netting - Made to Order (20mm)

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Heavy-duty 20mm golf ball stop netting for golf bay netting, driving range ball stop netting and home-made golf-cages. Made using rot-proof, weather-proof and UV treated high-tenacity 2.3mm knotless netting. 

Our heavy-duty 20mm golf ball stop netting is the leading choice for replacement golf bay netting, driving range ball stop netting and home-made golf-cages. Made using high-tenacity 2.3mm knotless netting, Huck golf ball stop netting is rot-proof, weather-proof and UV protected giving you confidence it will last many years, whatever the weather. 

A highly versatile and cost-effect netting solution Huck golf netting is a popular choice thanks to its strength, durability and reputation with golf clubs worldwide.

All Huck golf nets are finished by stitching a 5-7mm selvedge cord around the perimeter. This extra edging process prevents rips and tears and maintains the net’s shape when installed vertically and in golf bays. 

Many golf clubs and driving ranges purchase golf netting from Huck Nets thanks to our unique knotless netting, designed specifically as golf ball stop netting. We created golf netting with incredibly high impact resistance that’s also lightweight and very easy to install and, as we cut the netting to your specs, it’s ready for installation as soon as it’s delivered.    

Using Golf Ball Stop Netting with Golf Cages

Our golf ball stop netting is a high-impact, energy absorbent netting solution. For safe and professional installation in a golf cage, you have two options:

1. Install two rows of netting, attached at the top only, with a 300-500mm gap between each piece of netting. This allows both nets to billow with impact and increases the life of the main surround net.

2. Install one row of golf impact netting in front of our high-impact baffle netting leaving a 300mm gap between the netting and the baffle net.

Golf Netting Specifications 

  • Suitable for golf cage netting and driving range netting
  • 20mm knotless square mesh
  • High-tenacity, impact-resistant golf ball stop netting
  • Rot-proof, weather-proof and UV resistant
  • Professional 5-7mm stitched edge 
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Recomended minimum hitting range 3.6m 

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