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Archery Grade Golf Baffle Net - 3m x 3m

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Heavy-duty golf baffle netting for golf cages and practice bays. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes flame retardant as standard. Complete with brass eyes in each corner and along top edge. 

Archery Grade Golf Baffle Nets- 3m x 3m


Our heavy-duty golf baffle nets are made using archery grade baffle netting so are impact-resistant and incredibly durable. The most common use for these nets is in golf practice cages to absorb the impact and stop golf balls rebounding. When being used in a practice cage the netting should not be installed taught and there should be some sag to absorb the impact. For easy installation, we include brass eyes along the top of these nets and in each corner. 

These nets are designed for indoor and outdoor use and come flame retardant as standard. 

  • Archery grade golf baffle nets
  • Complete with brass eyes along the top every 300mm and in each corner
  • Made from high tenacity polypropylene
  • 465gram per m2
  • Archery net only (does not include frame and surround net) 

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