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Pigeon Netting

Pigeon netting is one of the best bird netting deterrents as it can be used on commercial and domestic buildings. When installed properly and maintained regularly, it can provide total protection to large areas. Pigeon netting helps to prevent birds from nesting in unwanted areas and accessing balconies and ledges. It is commonly used in gardens, car parks and on roofs.

One of the main reasons that pigeon netting is the best pigeon deterrent is because the birds cannot get through the netting. The mesh size for pigeon netting should be 50mm. This prevents birds from getting trapped and injuring themselves. Bird deterrent spikes do provide some protection in certain circumstances but netting provides full coverage of large areas. 

All types of bird netting, including pigeon netting can be installed using tensioning wire and fixings. With the right tools it is very easy to install anti-bird netting. Threading the wire through each mesh, the netting should be attached at regular intervals to the wall or posts. No gaps should be present between the netting and the wall that would allow birds to breach the netting. The wire can be tensioned once all the fixings are in place.

Although pigeon netting is only available in a 50mm mesh it does come in three different colours. Black, stone and white netting can be purchased to match the setting in which you are installing the netting. As a leading bird netting manufacturer we have netting in both a knotted and knotless variety. We also sell flame free pigeon netting which may need to be used on buildings and in public areas.

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