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Debris Containment Netting

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£ 10.50
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£ 37.80 * inc. small size surcharge of: £ 21.00 (200%)

Debris Containment Netting

Debris containment netting is used across a range of industries, such as construction sites, to protect pedestrians and workers and, more recently, schools to provide added security against unstable RAAC concrete (or reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete).

The polypropylene netting is manufactured with a 5mm x 45mm knotless mesh and is made to the same specs as our safety and fall arrest netting. The debris overlay catches smaller bits of debris, preventing them from dispersing and creating a hazardous area.

Our debris containment netting is made-to-order and can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and shapes, ensuring total safety and protection in your setting.

  • Debris containment netting for catching both heavy & small debris pieces
  • Used for protection against damaged brickwork, concrete (like RAAC) and glass
  • Suitable for construction sites, commercial buildings & school property
  • 5mm x 45mm mesh size
  • Knotless polypropylene netting c/w 65gsm debris overlay sewn on

Our debris mesh safety netting is also available in various colours – green (01), white (02), blue (04) and black (06) – so you can select the most appropriate colour for your project.

Order online or give us a call if you have any enquiries.

Article number
Available colours
Green (01)
White (02)
Blue (04)
Black (06)