June 30, 2019

Huck Nets Factory Extension Complete


In order to meet increasing demand for their nets,  Huck Nets based at Gore Cross Business Park in Bridport, has increased their manufacturing capacity by installing a mezzanine floor in their factory.  As a result, Huck now has approximately 250m2 of extra space to serve the growing demand for their net products.

The new mezzanine floor will house the production of the nets that they manufacture for the automotive industry.

The opening was celebrated with staff and the local suppliers that built the new floor for them.  These included  Bridport based TopSparks (electrics) and Dave Ford (carpentry).

Said Chairman Richard Connolly:

  “I’m very happy to say that Huck Nets (UK) continues to go from strength to strength. Since moving to Gore Cross in 1998 we have seen continual growth, and as a result have increased the production floor space by over 50%. Occasions like this give me the opportunity to thank all Huck Group employees for their contribution, commitment and loyalty which are important to ensuring that we continue to enjoy strong working relationships with both our customers and suppliers”