July 27, 2022

Shoot Some Hoops With The Best Basketball Netting On The Market

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Best basketball nets


What Does a Basketball Net Do?

Obviously, a basketball net allows one to play the game of basketball. Arguably you could play with a backboard sans net, but this is trickier. Without a net, it is difficult to tell when a point has been scored. With a net, it is clear whether the ball has gone through or not. This minimises the possibility of 'air balls' or missed calls too. The net also enhances the game because the net reacts differently to every shot. 


Basketball Netting & Hoops

There are several things to think about when constructing a basketball court. One of the often-overlooked elements is the hoop and the net, but basketball nets and hoops are an integral element of the game. While a game can be played without the net, it cannot be played without a hoop. Ideally, a basketball court needs both. 

There are various forms of basketball nets to consider, each with its own benefits. The different materials are often better suited to different climates. The choice is also heavily influenced by the buyers' preferences. 


Nylon Basketball Netting

Nylon is one of the most popular choices for basketball netting. It is incredibly versatile; it can be used in both indoor and outdoor courts. However, it is not always the most durable choice, so while it can definitely be used in outdoor courts in order to maximise longevity, you might want to limit its use to indoors only.  


Polyester Basketball Netting

Polyester is another common choice, and like nylon, it can be used both inside and out, but it tends to do better on indoor courts. High-quality polyester can be durable with ensures that the sports netting won't need to be replaced for quite some time. 


Plastic Basketball Netting

Plastic basketball netting has seen an increase in use as of late. It tends to be used predominantly on outdoor courts because it can withstand the elements better. However, it is also often a little rigid and unyielding.


Chain Basketball Netting

Finally, chain nets are the last option. They again tend to be more widely used on outdoor courts. That being said, they can be susceptible to rust if they haven't been properly constructed. They need to be treated with a zinc coating to protect them from rusting. Chain nets can last for years.


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Quality Basketball Netting

Obviously, as with any product, quality matters. Compromising on quality in terms of a basketball net means that it will need replacing more often, which will cost more money in the long run. So, while buying a higher quality net might seem like the more expensive option initially, it is actually cheaper. 


Anti-vandal Basketball Netting

Anti-vandal basketball netting is designed to be durable and sturdy. Vandals should not be able to remove, cut, tangle, or ruin the netting in any way. For example, some nets use Hercules rope, with is extremely strong. It might also be constructed using coated steel cables. Anti-vandal netting is great choice for outdoor nets or nets in a public area.


Anti-whip Basketball Netting

Anti-whip basketball nets are designed not to tangle essentially. Nothing delays a game more than a tangled net. The nets themselves tend to be made from a polyester or nylon material, but the loops are created with more tension to stop them from springing about too much and becoming tangled. 


Basketball Hoop Sizes

A basketball hoop is comprised of a backboard and net for the most part. The backboard can be held up by a stand or attached to a wall. Basketball hoops and nets vary depending on who their intended user is. Obviously, they start small for children and get bigger until they meet the sports standard. 

Regulation hoops are ten feet tall, and the rim is around eighteen inches in diameter. The backboard is usually made of Plexi- or tempered glass to offset the risk of it shattering from contact with the ball. 


How To Fit Basketball Netting

Setting up a basketball net is pretty straightforward. You will need a ladder, and you might need a hook depending on the hoop and the net. Some nets are more immovable then others which can make the process trickier, although some have enough slack that you can fit them with ease without the use of a basketball hoop hook. 

Either way, first things first, you need to set the ladder up safely. Next, you might need to remove the old net or any lingering traces of it. Now you are ready to fit the new basketball netting. Orient the net correctly to make sure you are fitting the right side - it should be fairly obvious, but if not, the bigger loops go at the top, and the smaller loops go at the bottom.

Finally, basketball hoops have little hooks, and this is what the nets are fitted to. It should simply be a case of fitting the loops securely over the hooks. You might need to use a basketball hoop hook tool to help you. Once all of the loops are over the hooks, you can adjust the net as needed, and you should be good to go. 


how to install basketball nets


Final Thoughts

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport with a lot of fans. One of the often-overlooked elements is the net. In addition to all of the practical reasons that you need a net, such as slowing the ball down and being able to tell definitively when a point has been scored, it also just makes a really cool swishing noise. 



How long does basketball netting last?

This is difficult to answer because it depends on several factors. Firstly, the quality of the net; high-quality nets will last longer. It also depends on where the net is. Outside nets have to deal with the elements which can limit their lifespan. Finally, the frequency of use will also affect its longevity. 


What is the average size of a basketball net?

It depends on what type of basketball net you have. There are different sizes. There are shorter ones for kids or the taller ones, which tend to reflect game standards. The size of the net can range from six to ten feet. The netting itself can also vary. Although, the standard tends to be around fifteen to eighteen inches. The opening of the net is usually around four times bigger than the basketball itself. 


Can you wash a basketball net?

It depends on what it is made from, some basket nets are made out of machine-washable materials. Of course, some materials aren't machine washable, but that doesn't mean they can't be cleaned; you simply need to find another way, like hand washing it. 


Why do they cut down basketball nets?

Basketball nets can be cut down for a number of reasons. They might be damaged or cut down by vandals. Basketball nets are also cut down as a celebration when a team wins a big game, although this is usually an American tradition.