May 3, 2024

The Huck Nets' Guide to Regulation Volleyball Net Height

If you’re setting up a new court or about to replace your old net, setting up the volleyball net height is key. Regulation net height is crucial for maintaining a fair and competitive game, as well as ensuring player safety.

In this guide, we'll go through the official volleyball net heights for different levels of play and how to measure them accurately.

 LevelRequired Net Height
Women’s Olympic 2.24 m
Standard 2.24 m
Over 45 2.19 m
Sitting Volleyball 1.05 m
Men’s Olympic 2.43 m
Standard 2.43 m
50-69 2.38 m
Over 70 2.29 m
Sitting Volleyball 1.15 m
Junior’s Standard (11-12) 2.13 m
Girls’ (10 and under) 1.98 m
Boys’ (10 and under) 2.13 m

Regulation Volleyball Net Heights

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Ensuring the net is at a legal height for the league or tournament you or your team are playing in is essential to make sure you're not pulled up by officials.

We've broken down the current international regulation net heights into various match categories to make it easier.

Women's Volleyball Net Height

Standard Women’s Volleyball Net Height 7ft 4.13 in 2.24 m
Over 45 Women’s Volleyball Net Height 7 ft 2.13 in 2.19 m

When setting up a court for a women's volleyball game, you need to meet an official regulation height that the net should measure at the centre point. There are two regulation heights, one for standard women's volleyball and one for women's volleyball with players over the age of 45.

Women's disabled standing volleyball net height is the same as the standard women's volleyball net height. The net height for sitting volleyball is different, and we'll cover that below.

Men's Volleyball Net Height

Standard Men’s Volleyball Net Height 7ft 11.6 in 2.43 m
50-69 Men’s Volleyball Net Height 7 ft 9.6 in 2.38 m
Over 70 Men’s Volleyball Net Height 7 ft 6 in 2.29 m

For men's indoor volleyball playing court set up, official volleyball regulations state that there are three acceptable variations for the height of the net.

The standard height applies to adult players and standing disabled players. There are height variations for two age groups defined as 55-69 and 70+.

Sitting Volleyball Net Height

Standard Men’s Sitting Volleyball Net Height 3ft 9.28 in 1.15 m
Standard Women’s Sitting Volleyball Net Height 3ft 5.34 in 1.05 m

Sitting volleyball is played on a smaller court and obviously requires its own net height regulations. Because players are sat on the floor during the game, the net is much lower than in standing games and special net poles or antennae.

Coed Volleyball Net Height

Volleyball is one of a limited number of sports where men and women can play together in competitive matches. For these games and tournaments, the net height must be in line with the height for standard men's matches.

Regulation Volleyball Net Heights for Younger Players

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Of course, younger players need different net heights to make the game fair and safe for them. Youth-level volleyball is split into two main categories: Youth and Secondary School.

Having the correct net height for young volleyball players is essential to help them learn the correct form and avoid injuring themselves during training or matches.

Youth Volleyball Net Heights

Girl’s Junior Volleyball Net Height 6 ft 6 in 1.98 m
Boy’s Junior Volleyball Net Height 7 ft 2.13 m
Standard Junior Volleyball Net Height 7 ft 2.13 m

Youth volleyball refers to volleyball teams made up of children who are training and competing in the sport outside of their school. If you're a professional volleyball coach or part of a sports school, you need to know these regulation heights.

The standard height for boy's and girl's nets are generally the same. However, they can be lower for girl's teams under 10 due to average heights.

Secondary School Volleyball Net Heights

There aren't any international regulations for secondary school volleyball net heights. This is because volleyball in schools isn't regulated by any sporting governing body.

We recommend reaching out to yourlocal or county council to find out the correct regulation height for secondary school volleyball nets.

If you're unsure or unable to find official information in your area, sticking with the official regulation height for youth players is a good starting point. The net can be lowered in school to account for ability and age.

Olympic Volleyball Net Heights

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The official regulation height for men's Olympic volleyball nets is 8 feet or 2.43 meters, while for women's Olympic volleyball nets, the standard height is 7 feet 4 1/8 inches or 2.24 meters.

These specific heights are set by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and are used in all official Olympic competitions to ensure consistency and fairness in the game.

It's crucial for players, coaches, and officials to adhere to these regulations to maintain the integrity of the sport at the highest level of competition.

How to Measure a Regulation Volleyball Net

To measure a regulation volleyball net, you will need a measuring tape, or you can invest in a net chain setter to make things easier.

The height of a volleyball net is measured from the centre of the net. This measurement is taken from the top edge of the net down to the playing surface, ensuring that it's perpendicular to the ground.

It's important to measure at the centre of the net because the net may sag slightly at the sides.

Here are our top tips for accurately measuring your volleyball net:

  • Ensure that both ends of your volleyball net, extending over the sidelines, are at equal height from the playing surface.
  • Measure carefully, making sure never to exceed the official net height regulations by more than 0.75 inches. This can lead to disqualification from tournaments.
  • If you're coaching beach volleyball, ensure that the measurement for the net height is taken at the level where the sand has been raked.
  • When coaching outdoor volleyball on grass, ensure you measure the net height from the ground level rather than from the top of the grass blades.

Dimensions of the Net Itself

A standard volleyball net measures 9.5 metres long and 1 metre wide.

The standard mesh size for regulation volleyball nets is typically 100mm.

The top of the net is lined with a horizontal band that is 2 inches wide and is usually a contrasting colour to the rest of the net for visibility.

The official material for the net is typically made of nylon or polyethylene, ensuring durability and strength during play.

Our Tournament Volleyball Net measures 9.5m x 1m. Made from knotless polypropylene netting with a 100mm mesh size, it’s ideal for clubs and tournament venues. The regulation size and DVV I standards mean it can be used for international and competition matches.

Our Long Volleyball Training Net is the perfect addition to volleyball training centres and venues. Measuring a standard 1 metre in height, this net is available in bespoke lengths to fit your training hall perfectly. Made from high-tenacity polypropylene knotless netting, this is the ideal net to withstand repetitive, high-impact shots during intense training sessions.

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Summary: Regulation Heights for Volleyball Nets

Volleyball net height is crucial for the game's integrity. Whether you’re starting out exploring the world of volleyball or you’re setting up a team to coach, it’s important to know the regulations for net height to ensure fair and safe gameplay.

You can learn more about volleyball and other sports on our blog!



Are Women's Volleyball Nets Shorter Than Men's?

While both men's and women's mixed volleyball games use the same height at the official regulation level, volleyball nets for women are slightly lower to accommodate the average height difference. This difference is to maintain fairness and equal competition between genders, ensuring a level playing field for all athletes.

Can You Go Under the Net in Volleyball?

In volleyball, crossing under the net during play is strictly prohibited. This rule is in place to ensure player safety and prevent interference with the opposing team's play. Going under the net can result in penalties or even disqualification from tournaments.

How High is the Men's Olympic Volleyball Net?

The men's Olympic volleyball net height is set at 2.43 meters, as per official regulations. This specific height was determined by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and is used in all major international competitions, including the Olympics.

What Happens if the Ball Hits the Net in Volleyball?

Hitting the net during a volleyball game typically results in a point for the opposing team unless it occurs during the serve. In that case, a redo of the serve is allowed. Players strive to avoid hitting the net to maintain possession and control of the game.