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Adventure Playground Equipment

Adventure playground equipment is available in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles and can be used to make some incredible adventure playgrounds. HUCK rope courses are combined from numerous separate elements to create one individual play world. As the leading rope and netting manufacturer in the UK all of our adventure play equipment is made to a very high standard with the best netting and rope on the market.  

Among the full range of adventure playground equipment that is available from Huck are rubber mats, hanging ropes, wobble beams, climbing nets, clambering loops and rings and bars. All of these exciting elements and more can be suspended between posts that are up to 3 m high. 

Various bridge constructions and climbing games are also part of the fun. The course can be set up as a curve, triangle, square or polygon – whatever you choose, children over the age of 3 will have a lot of space for their play and at the same time train their fine motor skills. Robinia wood posts provide a natural-looking alternative to painted steel posts and are a great addition to any play park. 

One of the most popular pieces of adventure playground equipment that is installed at parks across the UK are rope bridges. They are extremely good for helping children with coordination and balance. We have a number of different rope ladders and bridges that can be installed between different posts to create a fun and exciting experience.  

If you require any help or assistance when choosing pieces of adventure playground equipment then we can help. Our expert team have been designing adventure play parks for a number of years as we recently helped to install a new inclusive park at West Bay in Dorset. Please contact us 01308 425100 if you require any advice or assistance.